A Short Jaunt With A Great View

I love finding new fitness classes. I love finding new gyms. I even love hearing about new fitness classes and new gyms.

But some nights, after a long day at the office, I just want to spend a little quality time with a tried and true workout that’s guaranteed to deliver.

So last night I laced up my running shoes and headed off from Iwo Jima for a short jaunt around the monuments. This was especially exciting because the final preparations are underway for this weekend’s Marine Corps Marathon. Check it out!

Seeing these finish area signs makes me nostalgic. MCM was my first experience with 26.2 miles, and it is one I will never forget. My best wishes go out to everyone competing this weekend! Don’t let Hains Point break your spirit, remember to wave to the photographer by the Capitol Building (you’re still feeling and looking good at that point…so work it!), and give that last hill everything you’ve got.

I did a four mile loop that took me over Memorial Bridge. This is a scenic route at any time of the day, but something about seeing DC all lit up at night still gets me jazzed every time.

A bit of housekeeping: there are lots of potholes in the sidewalk on the bridge, and there are ramps in certain areas, so if you are running along here at night watch your footing. After making it past that stretch, I passed by the Lincoln Memorial. (Hey Abe!)

The path that runs alongside the reflecting pool is extremely well lit and there are many runners out at night. I’ve never felt unsafe taking this route, and the scenery can’t be beat.

The path ends near the WWII memorial, which also happened to be mile two of my run. Perfect! So I rounded the bend and headed back.

The loop is a little over four miles and mostly well lit the entire way. The only area where I struggle is the path leading to and from Iwo Jima to the entrance of Arlington National Cemetery. While there are plenty of runners, there are zero lights and it can get extremely dark. Without a headlamp or some sort of illumination, it really is the pits. Also, the lights from the traffic drown out what little ambient light there may be to help your footing. Lose lose.

That said, it was a great run and my first miles back on the road after racing in Baltimore.

I ended with a few exercises in the Iwo Jima parking lot. Starting with 10 reps, I did a pyramid set of the following: jump squats, push ups, rows, bicep dips. Phew!


What did you crash today?


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