A Sweaty Saturday: SoulCycle, Shadowbox, and Yogamaya

yogamaya-yoga-studio-3I’ve read about the power of saying “yes” to things that come your way. Opportunities. Changes. New adventures.

But what happens when you say yes to too many things on the same day?

Well, you roll with it.

I’m not sure it brings you any extra power, buy you may need to treat yourself to a power nap when all is said and done.

This past Saturday I filled my schedule to the brim with three back to back to back fitness classes.

While I wish I could spin a tale of needing these classes to train for some ninja warrior competition, the reality is that I made a scheduling snafu and said “yes!” to two fun events on the same day and didn’t want to cancel either. So I packed my gym bag with two sets of clothes, some no-shower wipes, dry shampoo, a snack, and set off for a marathon day of fit crashing.

1 // SoulCycle

soulcycle-west27-nycThis little fitness blogging community is a pretty amazing place, you know that? No really. If you are reading this, you give yourself a big ‘ole pat on the back for being a true gem. Because this space on the Internet has brought me so much fun, joy, and laughter over the past few years and I have all of you to thank for making it possible.

Another thing the fitness blogging community has brought me? Friends. Like certified, bonafide, one of a kind true blue buds. And on Saturday I got to meet two more of them at a SoulCycle class near Madison Square Park.

Zoe and Charlie are two fitness bloggers from the UK. I’ve been following their blogs for about a year now, and in the back of my mind I always thought that we’d really hit it off if given the opportunity to meet in person. We like running, fitness classes, blogging, green smoothies, and having a good time while sweating all over our respective cities.

With Zoe now living here in NYC and Charlie in town to run the Chicago Marathon, the stars aligned this past weekend and we set a date to finally meet. We booked three bikes at SoulCycle West 27th Street (highly recommend Sunny’s class) and had an absolute blast swapping stories, sharing blog post ideas, and enjoying the studio’s first birthday party (we had no idea this was going on, so the balloons, flash tats, free juice samples and photo booth were a bonus surprise!).

2 // Shadowbox 

shadowbox-studio-nyc-1After freshening up with one of my favorite shower-free wipes and changing into dry clothes, I bid Charlie and Zoe adieu and hopped on a City Bike to the Dream Hotel to participate in the Well + Good Fitness Biathlon.

The Biathlon is a multi-city event that puts teams of participants through back to back workouts at some of the hottest studios in the city. My team started the day at Shadowbox, dubbed by W+G as the “SoulCycle of boxing.” While I’m not sure that’s necessarily the best comparison, from what I could tell, Shadowbox is certainly the swankiest knock-out ring in the entire city. The entryway is all stark white and steel, with gloves hanging from white washed walls and succulents dangling from exposed brick and wood beams.


shadowbox-studio-nyc-2While the entry space looks like it was torn out of a West Elm catalogue, the studio itself plunges you into a sexy mix of leather, mirrors, and black lights. The rows of bags and mirrored walls create something of an optical illusion – for a moment the room felt like an endless maze of stripes and pulsing blue.

What did I think of the class itself? Honestly, I wasn’t blown away. The pace of the class seemed slow and a bit disorganized. It was hard to see the instructors through the forest of bags and bodies. And there are only so many times I will want to do burpees during our “resting round” before I decide to choose my own adventure. It may be things were a bit off because it was a special event and not a full blown class, but I wish it had lived up to the hype a bit more. I’ll have to go back and give it another round (get it, get it!?).

3 // Yogamaya

yogamaya-studio-nycStop two of our biathlon was Yogamaya, a gorgeous yoga loft tucked into the heart of Chelsea. While at this point in the day I was tired, hungry, and on my way to the dangerous hangry zone, I couldn’t imagine ending my trek in a more beautiful or inviting space.

I’ve been to a number of yoga studios in the city and I can honestly say that, hands down, nothing compares to the beauty and warmth I encountered at Yogamaya. A skylight pours fresh sunshine onto plush rugs, ornately carved wooden doors, budding green plants, brightly colored artwork, piles of fuzzy blankets, cushy yoga mats, and gleaming floors.

It’s total yogi sensory overload. A magic place that seems better suited for India than New York City, but feels at home all the same.

yogamaya-studio-nyc-1Our session was an abbreviated version of the standard vinyasa class. We flowed at a good pace and received clear cues from our instructor. The music was contemporary but not flashy. While I wish I had more to say about the actual yoga sequences, I think I was so dazzled by the skylight, the artwork, and the wood carvings to pay attention to my asanas. It was either that or I was seeing stars due to a combination of exhaustion and need-a-snack-now urgency.

well-and-good-fitness-biathlon-2015We made our way back to the Dream Hotel where Amanda and I were excited to grab some refreshments and treat our muscles to a well-deserved massage – only to find we had missed our window of opportunity. The previous teams had grabbed all of the snacks before we arrived and the lines for massages were unbearably long. So we snapped a photo with our bibs in front of the step and repeat instead. A well earned momento of a day filled to the brim with fitness, friends, and fun.

But now we know for next time: BYOS (bring your own snacks).

So what’s the moral of the story from my sweaty Saturday? If you suddenly realize that saying “yes!” to incoming opportunities has overbooked your calendar – don’t fret. Pack a snack, a change of clothes, and maybe some dry shampoo. You’re bound to have one excellent adventure ahead.


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  1. Nicole October 20, 2015 / 9:43 am

    that is an epic day.

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