Fit Crasher Brother: My Guide To Fit Crashing The Friendly Skies


All that holiday travel got your spirits up but fitness down? Maybe you travel a lot for work, or jet around from location to location on permanent vacation. Either way, I bet you’re spending too much time in the airport and not in the gym.

Well fear not! The Fit Crasher’s brother here with the cure to your travel blues.

Here’s the good news. If you’ve got time to burn in the airport, there’s calories that can be burned too! Your carry-on bag and a change of clothes is all you’ll need with these easy airport exercises. We’ll call this workout the “terminal B full body blaster.”


First, lets start off with a jog to warm up. It’s best if you can go outside and run laps around the parking lot, but if you’re stuck inside just find the closest moving sidewalk. Voila! Who says they don’t have treadmills in airports?!

Next will be the circuit training portion.


Get in some full-body strength training with a set of 10 carry-on bag squats. Raise your baggage over your head and hold it steady. Keep it in place while doing a set of ten squats, and hold that core tight.

Pack too many clothes or vacation souvenirs? Perfect! The heaver the bag the better!


Continue working that core and upper body burn with elevated pushups. Prop your feet on top of your bag and do a set of 10 pushups, working your arms, chest, and core.

IMG_4213And every fitness professional will agree: why walk when you can lunge! Find a long path where you can lunge in an unobstructed straight line. Grab your bags and start lunging. Go till you can’t go no mo, and then turn around and lunge it back. Bonus points for avoiding run-ins with toddlers, lost tourists, and airport security.

Repeat the circuit for as long as your layover allows, and cool it back down with another stroll on the moving sidewalk.

And that’s it! Who said you couldn’t fit crash the friendly skies?

About the author

Brett (“The Fit Crasher’s brother”) and his bride Lauren hail from beautiful Colorado, where they enjoy living an active lifestyle of skiing, biking, and being walked by their dog Lucy. Aside from being fit + hilariously funny, Brett is an incredibly talented professional photographer and musician. But don’t just take my word for it. Check him out here! Thanks for the guest post, little brother. Stop by any time! xo

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  1. Wstakelin January 5, 2016 / 2:37 pm

    Oh pleaseeeee! Are your Mother and I really suppose to confirm your sanity and take claim to two wonderful nut cases? proud with how our two overachievers turned out. Success is not a Goal……..Success is a result! Crash on

  2. Melissa @ Melly NYC January 5, 2016 / 10:37 pm

    Ha! This is hilarious. “Terminal B Full Body Blaster”…too funny.

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