Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day 10k

Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and enjoyed a day full of family and feasting. I went home to visit my parents in Cincinnati for the first time since moving to New York City, and realized it was actually my first trip home in almost a year! Yikes – that’s not a trend I’d like to continue. No wonder I was feeling a little home sick!

Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race

As soon as I purchased my plane tickets, I signed up for the Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race. It’s our city’s version of a turkey trot, but on a bigger scale. It claims to be the sixth oldest race in America and the largest family running event in the world with more than 18,000 participants. I can’t independently validate that, but I can vouch from my personal experience that the course was unusually crowded the entire way. I was in awe at just how many families were out in force – and how many participated in ornate coordinated Thanksgiving day costumes. Note to self: purchase pilgrim outfit or turkey hat to wear next year.

Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race

After arriving past midnight the night before thanks to some bad weather and delayed flights, my mom and I woke up early on Thursday morning to get down to the race. We walked the 10k together, which was officially my first time walking a race. I wasn’t prepared to run six miles and neither was mom, so we were a-okay with taking the scenic route and enjoying a brisk walk through some of the most scenic parts of downtown Cincinnati and Covington, Kentucky. We joined a family friend on the course and had a great time catching up and getting in a little exercise at the same time. The original fit crasher and the fit crasher, together again!

Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race

Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race

I also wanted to give a shout-out to Team RWB who were out in force at the race. I must have seen nearly 50 runners and walkers wearing their signature red shirts and jackets carrying large American flags throughout the course. I first encountered this veterans group in DC and was surprised to find it in Cincinnati too – but a quick look at their website indicates they have a strong chapter here in the Queen City. So if you are interested, I recommend checking them out!

Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day RaceI had never walked a 10k before and wasn’t fully prepared for how different it is from running a 10k. First of all, it takes a lot longer to finish a mile (obviously). You also have to dress differently since you’ll be out in the elements for a longer period of time and won’t be working up quite the same sweat as you would running. And finally, if you are not used to walking, it can quickly make you sore in some strange areas. I crossed the finish line with screaming hips and hip flexors – not the walk in the park I was envisioning. These two are speedy!


Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race

Thanks for fit crashing the Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race with me, ladies! I loved spending some quality time in the sunshine and getting a walking tour of all of the city’s newest stores, restaurants, and sights. It was the perfect welcome home and a stellar start to my favorite holiday. I can’t wait to crash it again next year. Maybe by then I’ll be up to running the full 6.2 – we’ll see!

Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race


Did you participate in a Turkey Trot this year? Tell me about it!


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  1. Meaghan December 1, 2014 / 6:25 pm

    We ran the annual Alexandria Turkey Trot, which I thought was big at 6,000 runners. 18K, wow! I ran our race but made lots of stops to pet puppies and wave to friends. Who needs to sprint on Thanksgiving?

  2. gracekelle December 2, 2014 / 10:29 pm

    I actually have never entered a Turkey Trot…have never had the chance while home in Virginia. Love that you were able to get out with your mom. What a great way to spend time together – doing something healthy before indulging in turkey and more. Hope you had a great time!

    • DC Fit Crasher December 3, 2014 / 2:12 pm

      Thank you so much – hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving as well! Looking forward to running into you at another sweaty adventure soon : )

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