Circuit Training with Kinesis and My Last Day in Naples


On my last full day of vacation, there were three things I wanted to do: soak up the sun, eat the rest of the delicious farmers market splurges sitting in the fridge, and crash a class at the local gym. As you can see from exhibit A above, I started the day by crossing one of those items off of the list. Breakfast was a delicious combination of Ezekial bread, schmeared avocado, fried egg, and red bell pepper topped with a splash of olive oil. Simple, easy, quick, and packed with nutrition.


As I mentioned earlier, the Original Crasher received a Fitbit for Christmas and is absolutely loving it. She has been racking up some crazy mileage (there was one day with 11 miles before noon…the woman is a machine) and I was happy to help join in the effort while we were together in Florida. In fact, I can honestly say one of the best parts of the trip were our daily long walks along the beach. On Monday, we totaled close to five miles. Here’s a view of the Fitbit at one of our pit stops in the shade.


It was hard to believe that just a few days earlier, I struggled to mange six miles running on pavement. Funny how the body changes from day to day. At any rate, we worked up quite an appetite with all of that walking and promptly dug into home-made lunches upon our return to our beach chairs. Phew!


I went with the tried-and-true crunchy PB with sliced bananas and added some of the raw honey we purchased at the market. It was the perfect post-workout beach treat, especially when paired with a “few” Cape Cod potato chips. Something about that combination always screams beach to me. Maybe I should pack it more often when I return to the office to remind me of sunshine and blue skies.


That evening, the Original Crasher and I went to a local wellness center to crash their “Cross Training at Kinesis” class. The real name should have been “36-minutes of Killer Circuit Training and Some Sweet Moves on the Kinesis Machine.” I guess that would be too long to put on a schedule…but it about sums it up.


I had never heard of Kinesis equipment before walking into the room (have you?). After doing a bit of research, I discovered that these machines use a system of closed-loop weighted cables to allow for 3D movement and an incredible number of routine variations. This video from Technogym gives a better idea of just how versatile the machine can be. I was really impressed with how functional – and fun – the different stations were. Wish I knew of a place in DC that carried them because I have to admit, I’m salivating to use them again ASAP!


The class itself had 12 different stations and lasted exactly 36 minutes. Each station consisted of four rounds of 40 second intervals, after which we had 20 seconds of time to transition to the next station. Aside from the four Kinesis stations, we also worked with a spin bike, boxing heavy bag, rubber bands, medicine balls, kettle bells, barbells, jump ropes, and steps. I started at station one on the heavy bag, which included alternating 40 second intervals of punching and kicking. I then moved on to plyometric moves on the steps, transitioned to resistance-heavy hills and sprints on the stationary bike, and attempted my best combinations of pushes, pulls, lunges, and squats on the Kinesis machines.


I didn’t have enough time before class to watch demo videos of each move on the display concourse, so I was mostly relying on watching the guy in front of me. This wasn’t the best strategy, but it didn’t deter from getting a killer workout from the Kinesis stations. They were really my favorite part.


I’m not sure I could say the same for Mom, but she handled the entire class like a champ and was whipping through the stations with commendable skill. I don’t call her The Original Crasher for nothing, folks! By the end of the 36 minutes, we were both drenched in sweat and trying desperately to catch our breath. We turned to each other, smiled, and said, “Wow, let’s do that again!”

I wish I could find a class like this in DC. I love the circuit set up and the use of incredibly varied equipment to deliver a knock-your-socks-off full body workout. Not to mention it was extremely fast and extremely effective. The only similar thing I have crashed so far would be bootcamp at Jaime Andrews Fitness or Seal Team PT. Suggestions welcome!

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