Crash Clothes: New Gear Review

Spending most of my time sweating around DC means I also spend most of my time in workout gear. From running and crossfit to dancing and boot camp, I need no fuss clothes that keep up with my crash schedule and get the job done. And let’s be honest, if they don’t look half bad, that’s a plus.

I’ve picked up a few new pieces of gear recently and thought it would be worthwhile sharing them with you. This is not a sponsored post and I don’t get paid if you click the links – they are honestly just the best source about the product I could find on Google. If you find posts like this helpful or have an idea for something to review, let me know


The North Face Stow-N-Go Sports Bra: I purchased this on sale at REI over the holidays because it looked like a solid go-to piece that I could throw into the mix without worrying about fancy straps or unnecessary do-dads. It is double layered with a “modesty panel” – considering the bra is white, this is clutch. There is a small pocket stitched into the inner layer, which can be used to store keys, cash, or a Gu. I like the clean design, and especially love the wicking nobs built into the chest strap to help soak up sweat when the workout starts to get real.


GapFit gFast Leggings: These were an impulse buy when dropping into the Gap before I crashed the Nike Training Camp in Georgetown. It was the perfect storm of credit-card swiping madness: I desperately needed another pair of workout tights to rotate into my weekly wears, they looked fun, and they were on sale. The pants take a cue from Lululemon run crops and have a zip pocket in the back to store things while on the go; my complaint is that the pocket is not big enough to store a phone. The other complaint? These babies sag in all the wrong places when I wore them for a run. The fabric isn’t stretchy enough to stay in place and it drove me nuts having to constantly pull up my drawers to avoid painful thigh chafing. TMI, but it’s the honest truth. They would work great for other workouts, but are off the list when it comes to running.


GapFit Motion T: This tshirt looks and feels very much like the Lululemon Run Swiftly tshirt, but at half the price. The fabric is light, breathable, seamless (no chafing!), and stretches along with your movement. It has a flattering fitted shape without being clingy or skin tight. I wore to the Nike Training Camp workout and it did a great job soaking up the sweat. It’s a great staple and I will be going back for another color next time Gap has a sale. The shirt comes in a long-sleeve version as well.


Lululemon Wunder Under Crop *Silver: These crops were a generous gift from Lululemon (thank you!), and I was really excited to try out the new silverescent luon material, which they say has “anti-stink” technology. I have never had an issue with my workout gear retaining a funky odor after washing, but can appreciate the extra help warding off any lingering smelly sweat – especially if I am wearing these from a class to another activity or event. The material is thicker than the typical Wunder Under Crops, which I like for yoga class because I feel a bit more covered during those downward dogs. There is a pocket in the waistband big enough to hold my cellphone, ID, and a key…and they don’t slip down or droop while I wear them.


Lululemon Bright at Night Crop: I purchased these from the Lululemon website during their awesome Boxing Day sale. I am always on the lookout for a quality pair of running and workout tights, and I couldn’t pass these up when I saw they were reduced price. They are made from a thinner “power luxtreme” fabric and not exactly unsheer when stretched, so I wouldn’t recommend them for a yoga class. They have mesh paneling behind the knees, a high waist band with a draw string, and a back pocket – perfect for running. But the part that sold me? The bottom cuffs roll up to reveal reflective material. When I’m out running in the dark before or after work, the more reflective I can be the safer I feel. Sold!


Nike Free TR III: These were the trial shoes I tested out and liked at the Nike Store during my crash. I am embarrassed to say that until last week, I had worn the same running shoes at all of my workouts. They came with me to spin class, to boot camp, to dance, to weight lifting. But apparently, they are called running shoes for a reason, and I felt it was high time for me to invest in a pair of “trainers” and reserve the running sneaks for banging out miles on the pavement. So I went back to the Nike Store last week and scooped up a pair of the Nike Free trainers…and haven’t taken them off since. They are wonderfully comfortable and a hugely positive addition to my workout gear. One piece of advice: the sizing is a little funky and they tend to run big. I had to purchase an entire size smaller than what I wear in running shoes.


Manduka Pro Lite Yoga Mat: My trusty yoga mat ran away, and after paying one too many rental fees for mats at various studios, I felt it was time to replace my lost friend with a new standby. The Manduka Pro Lite was an impulse buy – they sell them at Down Dog Yoga and I grabbed one when I was there last weekend. I did ask two of the instructors there if they would honestly recommend this mat over others, and they all gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up. Clever marketing? Possibly, but it worked on me. The mat is a lot heavier and bigger than what I used to have, but I loved the cushiony feel and felt much more grounded in my poses than with a flimsy mat. I’m looking forward to breaking it in and will report back with updates after a few more classes.


What new gear are you loving?






  1. Laura January 27, 2013 / 12:57 pm

    Hi Meaghan,

    I was wondering if you review books on your blog? At age 23, I recently published a book on my experiences with an eating disorder. The back of the book includes a handbook with input from holistic health practitioners as well as exercises I created for people who struggle with eating disorders. Since your blog is all about fitness and eating disorders are a real (but hidden) problem in the fitness world, I thought it might be a unique thing for you to write about and share with your readers. If you are interested, please let me know!

    Thank you so much for your consideration.


  2. Colleen Dahlem January 31, 2013 / 11:50 am

    That is my go to bra for running. I love it….it stores my gu and my iphone for tracking my mileage, listening to music and syncing my runs with the charity miles app! Hope you love the Sto and Go as much as I do!

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