Crashing YoYoYogi and Barre3 in Portland

san francisco airport yoga room

Hello and happy Tuesday! I’m currently on my way back to DC after 12 days on the road. What a trip! I think San Francisco earned the top spot on my list of favorite cities to visit (not only because they had a yoga room at the airport – but it helped!) and I can’t wait to share more about my time there.

But first, I wanted to round out my fit crashing adventure recap from Portland with details about Yoyoyogi yoga studio and the original Barre3 studio in Pearl District.

After the fit crash double header at Firebrand Sports, I was sore. Like, can’t properly walk or sit down sore. Really convenient when spending days exploring a new city and seeing friends and family I haven’t connected with in years. Walking tenderly and taking frequent breaks to stretch on random street benches, I must have been quite a sight. But I was riding on a strange endorphin high after trying two new classes in a new city and loving them both. Kind of like the feeling you get after completing a tough road race and then get to walk around wearing the medal the rest of the day. Oh this unusual swagger? The gentle way I lower myself down into my seat? No big deal, just leftover awesome from dominating the megaformer and real ryder yesterday.

yoyoyogi studio portland

That said, my next fit crash needed to be something a little more low key. Something that allowed me to stretch my sore muscles, simmer down, and take a moment to reflect and quiet my mind while dealing with the craziness of being on the road. Yoga sounded perfect.

But where? What studio? I went to my usual idea generators: GoRecess, SweatGuru, ClasstivityMindBody Connect app, and Google. Luckily, I also had a few suggestions from friends and fellow fitness fanatics, one of whom suggested I check out a cute little hot yoga haven a few blocks away from my hotel. I set out on foot through the cold rain and grey skies, excited to get my ohm on.

yoyoyogi studio portland

First things first: walking into Yoyoyogi is like walking into the home of a long lost friend. I was instantly welcomed, called “hun” and “love” and “dear,” and felt so comfortable that I wanted to kick off my shoes and move right in. What a delicious feeling when being so far from home. It didn’t hurt that there was an adorable puppy hanging out behind the front desk. Always a plus. So sad I didn’t get a pic, I’ll just have to go back for one next time!

yoyoyogi studio portland

Since I was traveling without my typical yoga gear, I needed to rent a mat and towel, bringing my total to $19. I was pleasantly surprised when the mat happened to be the exact Manduka mat I practice with at home and the “towel” was actually a grippy towel made for hot yoga. Perfect! Kudos to Yoyoyogi for having awesomely deluxe rental items. It allowed me to take my mind off of my gear and focus everything on my experience.

yoyoyogi studio portlandThe studio is a lot bigger than I anticipated. The entire first floor is dedicated to retail, front desk space, a huge gathering room with dressing spaces and storage, showers, and bathrooms. The two practice rooms were actually up a monstrous flight of wood stairs on the second floor. The room my class was in had gleaming floors, gorgeous exposed brick, and a front center window to lose your gaze in. Really lovely.

yoyoyogi studio portland

The “DETOX – hot power flow” class was an hour-long sweat fest, similar to what you would find at Down Dog Yoga or Studio DC. Athletic, challenging, really great energy. Yoyoyogi plays music during their classes, which I’m not used to but actually really enjoyed. And our instructor Isabel was not very hands-on throughout the class, but had wonderful cues and wove a theme throughout the class about letting go as a way to grow. I left feeling inspired, happy, relaxed, and so very thankful to have found a home-away-from-home in this space.


I woke up before the sun the next morning for an appointment at the original Barre3 location in Portland’s Pearl District. Waking up before 6 a.m. isn’t my ideal vacation crash, but honestly, it was the only slot I could get into during my visit. This place fills quickly, so if you want to swing by when you’re in town, be sure to plan ahead and schedule a week or so out.

barre3 portland

I have been to the Barre3 location before in Georgetown and it wasn’t my cup of tea. That said, I was told my experience was unusual due to having a new teacher who needed a little extra training, so I was willing to give the brand another try.  Particularly at their flagship studio! The building had two barre studios, a large reception area, and a childcare pen with toys and activities. I was groggy and hadn’t had my coffee yet, but even through bleary eyes I could tell the space was beautiful. More beautiful than what we’ve got going on in Georgetown? I didn’t think so – I’ve honestly never been to a more gorgeous place than that little nook tucked down by the Potomac river. Sorry Portland, guess I’m a little biased!

barre3 portland

The 6 a.m. class was packed to the brim, and every single spot was taken on the barre that covered three sides of the large rectangular room. We started with a dynamic warmup and moved right into the usual arm, leg, seat moves you’d anticipate at a barre class. The instructor was lovely and did a good job working the room, providing adjustments, and making sure everyone could see her demonstrations.

We did what felt like 10-15 minutes of ab work on the floor that just really wasn’t doing it for me, and at one point I caught myself glancing over at the clock to wonder how much longer we had in the class. Not ideal. Also, if you happen to love early mornings and join the 6 a.m. class during your visit, be prepared for a mass exodus about 10 minutes before the class is over. It really caught me off guard and I thought the constant picking up and leaving was really distracting. That said, I realize folks need to get to work on time. But….just something to know before you go!

Like other barre classes I’ve attended, I didn’t leave the class sweaty, but did feel that familiar muscle burn in my legs and arms from doing all those little, targeted motions. A drop-in class at Barre3 in Portland costs $20, but my class was paid for by a credit I received from GoRecess as a fun gift to help fund a crash during my travels. Thanks to them for making this crash possible!

voodoo donuts portland

I had to post this photo to document the absurd snack I had after my Barre3 class on my last day in Portland. Oh yes, you’re looking at two half-eaten but very delicious Voodoo Doughnuts and a leftover green juice from my purchase at Portland Juice Press. Ridiculous. But somehow, in my mind, it worked as a grand finale to my extended weekend in Oregon.

Up next: running and fit crashing in San Francisco. Until then, enjoy the snow day if you have one!

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