Crossfit on the National Mall: Can This Please Happen Every Weekend?


Two weekends ago, fellow blogger Amy invited me to participate in an outdoor crossfit workout on the National MallĀ hosted by a few local crossfit boxes. I’ve only done one intro-to-crossfit class in my life, so I truly had no idea what to expect other than a sweaty good time. Luckily, my blogging buddy Anne was in attendance to translate the instructions and provide some much-needed early morning motivation. Two thumbs up!

It was an absolutely perfect DC morning with low humidity, brilliant sunshine, and not a cloud in the sky. No matter what the workout was, I was happy to be doing it outside and in the shadow of the Washington Monument and Capitol building. You can’t get this view at the gym, that’s for sure!


After a few opening remarks, each person grabbed a sandbag and headed to the middle of the grassy Mall area to await our first task. The workout consisted of five different stations, each with a series of team exercises to complete. All of the stations had an element of cardio (typically wind sprints), strength (always something with the sandbag), and agility (bear crawls, traveling burpees, etc).


My team was a fitness blogger trifecta. We helped each other take photos, thought up some tweets, and I think there was even some live-action-Instagramming going on during one of the squat sets (guilty). On the left is Anne and to my right is Ericka, who I hadn’t met in person yet but, as is always the case in the blogging world, knew lots about from following her site. We had a fun time chatting about our various sweaty endeavors and compared notes about workouts we want to try next. Oh yeah, and we got in a crazy sweat too…


I mean, who wouldn’t after an hour and a half of wind-sprinting, bear crawling, and sand-bag-dead-lifting in the summer sun?

As with any organized activity taking place in a major tourist attraction, we got a lot of odd looks and questions from passers-by. We must have looked like a fitness flash mob. What…this isn’t how you spend your Saturday morning downtown?


Also, I need to give a shout-out and a big “thank you!” to all of the instructors who were on hand to assist with the event. As a crossfit newbie, there were many moves that I just didn’t get right off the bat. They were extremely thorough in their explanations, demonstrations, and were never too far away to provide a quick adjustment when needed. Which is important when hurling a heavy sandbag over one’s shoulder. Bravo.


I would love to join this group again if they hosted another outdoor session. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out on their schedule. Great workout, fun folks, and you really can’t beat the location. While I don’t think I am a crossfit convert just yet, I can definitely see the appeal from a fitness perspective. That, and there were post-workout Pleasant Pops for our group to enjoy. So that added to the appeal. Fitness + food is always a win in my book.


Thank you to Amy (left), Anne, and Ericka for the fun day!


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