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Off Road DC boxing class


Crash CourseOff Road’s boxing class is an hour and a half of hard work. Don’t expect to idle during this class – you’ll be too busy “resting” while doing burpees, push-ups, and jumping jacks. And that’s after you’ve perfected your one-two punch combinations. This class is perfect for beginners and veterans – the atmosphere couldn’t be more welcoming. By the end of the workout, we were cheering each other on by name. Did I already mention the push-ups? Yeah, those.

[line] [left]where: 905 U Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20001

bring: water

perks: wrap rentals, small class size, gloves provided

sweat score: 8 out of 10

[/left][right] wear: athletic gear

instructor: Enoch

class: boxing

cost: Drop-in: $20 | hand wrap rental: $3 [/right][line]

Boxing has long been at the top of my “to try” list. What better way to finally get around to it than on Valentine’s Day weekend. Conventional wisdom says I should just stay home and drink wine while eating ice cream from the pint on Valentine’s Day. As tempting as that sounded, I decided to venture out. And while taking a boxing class full of other ladies might not be that far from that, I’d say it was a much better use of my time.

Off Road DC boxing class

Off Road has been spinning, sweating, and strengthening the residents of DC’s U Street neighborhood since 2012. Owners Tali and Tammar renovated the space to house two floors of fit crashing goodness. The spin studio upstairs is home to classes like Sufferfest and Cycle Core, while the downstairs studio is primarily used for classes like boot camp and boxing.

Off Road DC boxing class

No lie – I was nervous for this class. Part of me thought, “if Hillary Swank can do it, I can too, right?!” And the other half laughed. There was a real threat of a swing and a miss kind of situation. Good thing Enoch, our trainer, was as reassuring as ever as he walked us through the sequence of punches we would be working on.

Off Road DC boxing class

Our group of twelve or so split into smaller groups of three and set out to the stations set up throughout the room. We started out on the bags – working on one, two punch combinations. And then threw some burpees in the mix. And then back to the bags. This was just at one station, folks.

Next, we moved onto jump rope, box jumps, and more burpees. Followed by frog jumps and wall sits.

Off Road DC boxing class

I could tell Enoch saved the best, or worst depending on how you view it, for last. My arms, legs, glutes, and core were already sore…heck, everything was tired at this point. Great thing about this class – the more collectively tired we seemed to get, the louder people were cheering each other on.

At the last station, we got to put our practice to use by sparring (of sorts) with Enoch. Dressed in protective gear, we essentially got to rail on him for two minutes. The last thirty seconds were saved for an all-out one, two punch speed set. This is when the cheering came in handy. I was drained.

Off Road DC boxing class

That, in itself, would make a solid class but we weren’t done quite yet. We pulled out the mats and Enoch led us through a push-up and core work sequence. Whatever energy we had left, we put it into push-ups.

Off Road DC boxing class

After an hour and a half, I’d say I earned that wine and ice cream 🙂 Thanks for hosting my boxing fit crash, Off Road!

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Maggie Henderson is a Midwest-raised fitness enthusiast. If she’s not running trails or sweating it out in the studio, she’s working on health policy in the Senate. Maggie lives in DC and will gladly accept any recommendations for the best place to get coffee.

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