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Crash Course: They say two is better than one and that is certainly the case with  #MissionMotion events from Mission:Bars. Combining a five-mile run with an hour-long yoga session, #MissionMotion is perfect for the runner turned yogi. Or yogi turned runner. Or rogi. Or yoger. You get the picture. For more information about Mission:Bars and other upcoming events, check out their website.

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where: Rock Creek Park & EPIC Yoga at 1323 Connecticut NW

bring: water, mat, smiles

perks: good company, Mission:Bars samples, mats (in case you are like me and forgot yours…)

sweat score: 8 out of 10[/left][right]

wear: run/yoga attire

instructor: Danny and Kathleen

cost: FREE![/right][line]


Mission:Bars is the new kid in town, but don’t let that fool you. Danny Metcalf and Kathleen Hodge are the duo behind the nutrition bars and they’re veterans of the DC fitness scene — Danny co-leads November Project DC, while Kathleen is a certified yoga instructor. Both bring a unique energy to their craft and a clear passion for bringing free fitness and natural ingredients to the industry. 


Last Saturday, Mission:Bars teamed up with Epic Yoga to deliver a FREE workout to DC’s finest fitness enthusiasts. Dubbed #MissionMotion, we were led on a five-mile run followed by an hour-long yoga session. Mission:Bars hosts weekly free yoga classes on Tuesday night at Lululemon in Georgetown, so I was pumped when I heard they were doing a weekend event.

After dropping off our mats at Epic Yoga, Danny led us through the course for our run and we headed out the door.


Let me start by saying: this was a well-orchestrated affair. Logistics can be tricky with group runs but I never lost sight of the front of the pack and I was able to go at my own pace without feeling obligated to either slow down or pick it up (lest I be left in the dust). Anytime group runs are involved, I silently panic about what pace to choose, but this worked out perfectly.


Our run took us on a loop from Epic Yoga down Rock Creek Park and back to Dupont Circle. Can we just take a second to talk about Calvert Hill? That beast gets me every time. In total, our run was just shy of five miles. We ended with a few laps around Dupont Circle before heading back to Epic Yoga.


Kathleen and Epic Yoga owner Emma Saal led our group through an hour-long vinyasa session. I rarely dedicate the time I should to stretching my muscles after running, but after a few months of being sidelined with nagging injuries, I’ve come to appreciate the need to incorporate yoga into my weekly routine. And Kathleen’s class couldn’t have been a better place to start.

She catered our practice to seasoned yogis and newbies alike. The true test of a good class, in my opinion? One that welcomes differences in ability and turns that into encouragement. That, and exposed brick studios. Kathleen’s class fit the bill on both counts.


We capped off the evening with a happy hour (it was Saturday night, after all). Jrink Juicery kindly provided the beverages, offering us a full line-up of their most popular juices.


But the real star of the evening? Samples of Mission:Bars. Every ingredient that goes into the bars was recognizable – quinoa, bananas, chia seeds, coconut, almonds. You won’t find sodium-stearoyl-lacta-something anywhere near these guys.

The true genius behind Mission:Bars is that, like our workout, it is more than one thing. It’s not just a nutrition bar. Nor is it just free workouts. It takes the holistic approach where others have limited focus. Talking with Kathleen and Danny after the workout made it clear that they have incredible vision and drive. They’re legit. And here to stay.


For more information about Mission:Bars and their other workout offerings, check out their website.

Thanks Mission:Bars for having me!



Maggie Henderson is a Midwest-raised fitness enthusiast. If she’s not running trails or sweating it out in the studio, she’s working on health policy in the Senate. Maggie lives in DC and will gladly accept any recommendations for the best place to get coffee.

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  1. Chelsea Eats Treats October 20, 2014 / 12:57 pm

    Looks like such a great event! I’ve never met Kathleen but I’ve met Danny through November Project and a couple other random activities, and he’s great! Even though I sadly couldn’t make this, I still donated to Mission Motion! I want to see their bars succeed!

    Oh, and I HATE Calvert Hill!! Gahhhh!

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