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Crash Course: Making the reformer seem a bit less scary, Pilates Reformer class at From the Core Studios turned this newbie into a follower. If you don’t get stuck in a pose at least once, you’re not doing it right (right?!).

[line] [left]where: 3111 Georgia Avenue NW | Columbia Heights

bring: water

perks: small class sizes, changing area for men and women

sweat score: 4 out of 10

[/left][right]wear: standard athletic gear

instructor: Dee

cost: varies depending on class and package[/right][line]

Happy New Year, Fit Crashers! After a few weeks filled with family, friends, delicious food and drink, I knew it was time to get back to the grind. Time to snap back to reality (Oh, there goes gravity!)…

Song lyrics aside, I resolved that 2015 would be the year to do things that scare me. What better way to start off then by finally trying out pilates reformer! Now, I’ve dabbled in pilates before, but never attempted this intimidating machine that has an impressive cult following. That all changed this week when I took Dee’s class at From the Core Studios in Columbia Heights.

From The Core DC

From the Core Studios is a relative newbie to the DC fitness scene. Owner and instructor Dee opened up the studio in the fall of last year and has been increasingly building the studio’s class offering – they’ve got barre, boxing, bootcamp, Zumba, pilates mat, and more on the schedule already. Click here for the full list.

The studio boasts two spaces for its line-up of classes. Our class was on the first floor, in the reformer room, which is spacious enough to fit six reformers. The upstairs room is home to boxing, pilates mat, and bootcamps.

From The Core DC

Dee explained to me that one of the reasons for picking this space was that there was enough room for both a men’s and women’s changing area. While limited in terms of amenities, it was sufficient enough if you need to change before class. And I’m sure the guys appreciate having more than a single restroom, as is the norm in most other studios I’ve been to. You’re not going to find heated scented towels, bath products, and extra hair ties, but at the end of the day, it is about the workout, right?

Dee started by walking us through how to use the reformer. Having never used one before, I was grateful for the step-by-step. Springs, pulleys, ropes, resistance rings, boxes all go into a single reformer class. Admittedly, I was a little lost trying to make sure I was doing the right thing!

We had a quick warm-up set to get our legs and core ready for the rest of class and then we dove right in.

From The Core DC

The nice thing about this class was the small size. It was just myself and one other client, so Dee was able to offer hands-on help anytime we needed it. She kindly reassured me that no, I wouldn’t fall off the box while attempting the jack knife pilates move (hint: it involves being nearly upside down with your feet straight up in the air — on top of a box).

I didn’t leave the class in a pool of sweat, but there were a few exercises where I could definitely feel the impact of the added resistance. For anyone who is totally new to the reformer, this was a safe, non-judgmental introduction and you won’t at all feel like the class clown. Case and point: we all had a good laugh when I got stuck in a pose and couldn’t get out without Dee’s help.

From The Core DC

I have a sneaky feeling that I’m going to be seeing more of the reformer in 2015. What about you?

Thank you From the Core for providing me with a complimentary class!

Maggie Henderson is a Midwest-raised fitness enthusiast. If she’s not running trails or sweating it out in the studio, she’s working on health policy in the Senate. Maggie lives in DC and will gladly accept any recommendations for the best place to get coffee.

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