First Look  Luxe Kits

First Look Luxe Kits

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One of my favorite things about blogging is having a front seat to exciting new concepts in the health and wellness space. Especially here in New York City, where there seems to be a new activewear line, juice bar, farm to table restaurant, or boutique gym opening every week. Everyone is hustling hard, everyone is raising the bar, and it’s incredibly inspiring and energizing to be around.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Ali, the founder of recently-launched Luxe Kits. Like many of us, Ali has a full time job on top of this passion project, and is working her tail off to fill what she sees as a hole in the current fitness market. Talk about some serious side hustle. Get it girl.

Luxe Kits are beautifully-curated bundles of high end beauty and wellness products carefully selected to help fitness fanatics look and feel their best before and after class. You know those times when you could really use a little extra oomph to help you freshen up post-workout? Maybe there’s a shower at the gym, but the suds are so so. Or there isn’t a shower, and that singular wet-wipe just isn’t doing the trick. We’ve all been there.

Luxe Kits is hoping to be a knight in shining armor to save the day with everything you need to raise the bar on your gym bag essentials. Cool idea, right?

So what’s in the kit? Because the samples are hand selected, the contents of the kits will vary each time. My Fit by Luxe Kit included the following goodies:

Luxe Kits will be sold at a number of high-end fitness studios and athletic boutiques here in New York City, and eventually throughout the country. Keep your eyes out for them, they’re coming soon!

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