How to Meditate? Understanding the Art of Meditation

How to Meditate? Understanding the Art of Meditation

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Meditation is an art. You need to take out some time to learn it in order to ensure maximum benefits.

Here are some easy steps to learn meditation:

Step 1: Set Aside Time

You should take out some time to meditate. Set aside ample time in your daily routine for meditating. The most preferable time period are early morning and in the evening. Remember that the steadiness of mind is most noticeable as and when you do it on a regular basis. The practise will clear up the mind and helps gives you energy to deal with a busy day. Make sure you don’t spend too much of time meditating initially. It is good to start with around 5 to 15 minutes a day.

Step 2: An Appropriate Place

Find a place where you can sit comfortably, without interruptions. It is not necessary to maintain complete silence but the place you choose should be free of obtrusive noises such as music, television, etc.

Step 3: Clothing

Wear loose clothing if possible. Remove your shoes.

Step 4: Sitting Styles

Here is a list of postures that is apt for sitting meditation:

1. Half lotus

2. Full lotus

3. Cross-legged tailor fashion

4. Legs bent with one leg in front (also known as Burmese style)

5. Kneeling on a meditation bench

6. Sitting in a chair

How to Meditate? Understanding the Art of Meditation

Step 5: The Posture

The posture really matters. The important thing is to keep your back straight. This will definitely help with breathing later on.

Step 6: Relax

Once you choose the preferred sitting position, relax and put your hands on your thighs. You may even let your arms hang at your sides. You need to be completely relaxed.

Step 7: Focus on Breath

Now it is time to focus on the flow of your breath.

Step 8: Recite a Mantra

This is important to enhance focus on a specific word. You can repeat a single word such as “om” uttered at a steady rhythm is best. You can recite it verbally or just with the voice in your mind. You may even try counting your breath from 1 through 10, then simply start again at 1.

Practise meditation daily by following the above mentioned steps and keep your mind and body healthy.

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