In Search of the Perfect Gym Bag

In Search of the Perfect Gym Bag

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1. Lole / 2. Lucy / 3. Under Armour / 4. lululemon / 5. Under Armour

Living in New York City has redefined my concept of being “on the go.” My typical day involves a full nine hours at the office followed by a workout in the evening, which is often all the way across town. And after my fit crash, I try to squeeze in a few errands on my way back to the apartment. Lots of walking. Lots of bags.

I’ve quickly come to realize that the free canvas tote I’ve been stashing my gym gear in just isn’t cutting it as I schlep around town all day long. Everything gets jumbled up, sweaty clothes mingle with clean work clothes, and there’s no zipper to keep my belongings secure. Bottom line: I need a better option.

Here are my top three requirements:

1. It has to have a cross-body strap. It drives me nuts using my hands to keep bags from slipping off my shoulders. I need to have my hands free at all times. Let’s be honest, this makes it easier to eat on the go, Instagram on the go (yes, I said it), carry groceries, gently guide people out of your way on the subway, and generally make it through NYC unscathed. You need your hands, and using them to juggle bags just isn’t going to cut it.

2. It has to have compartments. I need a place to stash my work clothes when I change and a place for sweaty items after my workout. One for each and neither the two shall meet.

3. It has to fit everything. My workout changes daily. Yoga, spin, HIIT, running. They each need different gear, and I want to be sure the bag is big enough to fit all the essentials. No dangling running shoes, please.

What do you think of the choices above? The Lole bag converts into a backpack (the ultimate in hands-free), while the others each have an optional crossbody strap. They all seem to be a manageable size and have various compartments for stashing all sorts of workout gear. And, last but not least, each one is pretty snazzy looking. An important consideration for stylish sherpas on-the-go.

Help me choose! Or if you have a favorite that’s not listed, leave a comment and tell me about it. As a new walk-to-work (heck, walk everywhere) commuter, I’d love to hear your tips and tricks for managing all the gear while still looking relatively put together.

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