My Favorite Luxe Locker Room Extras

My Favorite Luxe Locker Room Extras

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With the Fit Crasher turning three this month (can you believe it?!), I thought it would be fun to start sharing a bit of what I’ve learned from class-hopping from workout to workout over the years. I’ve seen a lot. I’ve experienced a lot. And I’d love to take you behind the scenes and tell you more about it – the hilarious, the weird, and the awesome.

Speaking of awesome…

First up: my very favorite luxe locker room extras. Because working out is hard. But trying to get myself together post-workout is sometimes even harder. Am I the only one who literally can’t stop sweating after a tough class? Make it stop! And when gyms go the extra mile to make that transition a little bit easier…well, it just rocks.

showers // This seems pretty obvious, right? Any gym with a shower in the locker room gets huge bonus points in my book. I realize it’s not always possible, especially for smaller studios, but boy does it make a difference. Aside from having the opportunity to clean off all the hard-earned sweat accumulated during class, a shower is also a green light to get on with my day without interruption. But if showers aren’t an option, having body wipes on hand is my favorite next-best-thing and can really make a huge difference. Brands I’ve tried and love are goodwipes and Action Wipes. Yes – they work!

extra hair ties + bobby pins // I feel like no matter how many of these doodads I stuff into my gym bag, I never have one when I need it. There must be a black hole leading to some parallel universe where all bobby pins and hair ties accumulate en masse. It’s ridiculous. So if a gym has a few of these on hand in the highly-probably scenario I can’t locate one…game on.

makeup removing wipes or facewash // It’s all about the fresh-faced clean sweat, people. I hate going into an after-work or mid-day workout with makeup on. Hate it. Not only do I personally feel a bit silly, but I don’t think it’s the best for my skin either. Having the opportunity to wipe off any face gunk before class–without having to pack my own wipes–is such a lovely luxury.


dry shampoo // This goes without saying, right? Anything to make my post-workout clean-up quick + easy. Even if there are showers available, sometimes I just don’t want to go through the effort of washing and drying my hair if there are places to go and people to see. But I also don’t want to go back out into the real world with crazy sweat-slicks streaming from my temples. A little dry shampoo, a little towel rub, and I’m good to go. Well, most of the time – because let’s be real, sometimes I just sweat straight through the dry shampoo zone. No shame.

blow dryer // Preferably a real one that emits more than a lukewarm breeze so I’m not drying my hair for 30 minutes. You know what I’m talking about.

baby powder // I almost never see this in gym locker rooms and I have no idea why. It’s cheap, basic, and timeless. There’s nothing like baby powder to help mop away extra sweat and give a fresh, clean feeling. Use it in place of dry shampoo. On your feet before putting on shoes. Or a little dash all over if you can’t shower. Nothing better. Especially in the summer.

real deal lotion // I mean, is there really anything better than having thick, creamy, luxurious lotion on hand after a post-workout shower? No. Preferably of the citrus smelling variety. Definitely not anything that makes you smell worse than before you worked out.

plastic bags for wet clothes // So simple. So crucial.

wifi // While I don’t condone spending time in the locker room updating your social media profiles and cruising on Facebook (get in and get out, people!) there have been times when I have to send that work email now. And it definitely helps ye olde phone bill to have a bit of wifi handy.

mints // I realize I’m pushing it here but, this list is all about the luxe extras, right? So I’m including it. I love it when I can grab a piece of gum or a mint as I head out the door to start my day. Fresh mind. Fresh body. Fresh breath. Check!

bonus extras // Infused water. Grab-n-go snacks. Coffee. Emergency extra undies. Bathrobes.

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