ready as I’ll ever be

Today was my last training run for the Baltimore half marathon. Fall swooped in with a vengeance for an added bonus: the high was in the 50s and it rained all day. All. Day.

But I knew I wouldn’t feel confident on the starting line without one last long run. Taper doesn’t really count unless you…well…actually taper.

So I dusted off my running tights, put on a hat to keep out the rain, reluctantly left my warm apartment. I chose an 8-mile route along Rock Creek Parkway to the Potomac, with a turn around point somewhere in the middle of Memorial Bridge.

Despite the cold weather and my lackluster enthusiasm, the run went better to expected.

Here is the breakdown:


Avg Pace
Summary 1:03:42.0 8.13 7:51
1 8:01.9 1.00 8:02
2 7:49.0 1.00 7:49
3 7:49.0 1.00 7:48
4 7:47.7 1.00 7:48
5 7:44.2 1.00 7:47
6 7:51.5 1.00 7:52
7 7:55.1 1.00 7:55
8 7:44.6 1.00 7:45
9 :59.1 0.13 7:43

These splits shocked me. I didn’t want to run today. I ate too much for breakfast. I didn’t hydrate enough the day before. I was sore from my first soccer game. I didn’t warm up. And creating an indent on my couch sounded better than pounding the cold pavement.

It’s funny how sometimes the biggest challenge is just getting yourself out the door. The lesson? Don’t listen to your own excuses.Get out there trust that your body knows best.

Next Saturday I’ll be among thousands of other runners. It’s my first race since injuring my knee two years ago. And you know what? I think I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

Bring it Baltimore.

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  1. Jenny October 10, 2012 / 12:42 am

    Super awesome splits Meag! I think it’s safe to say you’ve officially made your comeback!

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