Heyday_ A Fitness Shop For Your Face

Heyday_ A Fitness Shop For Your Face

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I typically steer clear from the beauty world on The Fit Crasher for two reasons. 1) my personal involvement in that space can best be characterized as “aspirational” and 2) I like to keep my eye on the prize and stick to what I know best: spandex + sweat.

That said, I had an experience last week that threw me for a loop in the best possible way, and I thought…well heck, if my interest is piqued, it might be worth sharing the secret. And after getting all sorts of questions on Instagram, I knew a full length post was in order.

Heyday_ A Fitness Shop For Your Face

I’m talking about my first facial appointment (ever) at Heyday, a new facial shop here in New York City. I saw a feature about it in wellness buzzmaker Well + Good and something about their easy-breezy, no fuss, affordable approach to facials convinced me to finally take the plunge.

That, and the quote from its CEO comparing facials to gym memberships: an essential part of your overall health and wellness plan. Facials like fit crashing? You know my weakness.

Being a total facial novice, I truly had no idea what to expect. I booked the 30 minute/$60 treatment thinking that would be the best way to test the waters. If I loved it – great! If someone else’s hands massaging my face creeped me out – lesson learned for the price of about two boutique fitness classes. Not cheap, but a price I was willing to pay for a little experimentation. I mean, my (very) late-20s skin isn’t getting any younger. May as well pamper it a little, right?

So here’s how it went.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS // Holy smokes this places is an Instagram addict’s dream come true. Sassy framed quotes. Bold colors. Gold accents. Plants. Lots of clean lines and bright, white space. Swoon.

I was greeted with a big smile and “welcome!” by the receptionist. After filling out a detailed form about my skin, daily face routine, and epidermis aspirations, I took a seat and waited for my appointment to begin.

Heyday_ A Fitness Shop For Your Face

I made sure to note on the form that I was a total facial newbie. Not because I was nervous, but because I was hoping to at least fire a warning shot that I’d have a lot of questions.

What the heck are you putting on my face and what does it do? How do I do this at home? Why does that tingle? What smells so good? Just a few more minutes on the facial massage, pretty please?

Heyday_ A Fitness Shop For Your Face

THE FACIAL // My skin therapist was Rivka. I’d love to give her a huge shout out for walking this first-timer through the process every step of the way. She was absolutely lovely.

Facial appointments are completed in semi-private rooms. I was a little weirded out by this at first, but it feels private once in the chair. Don’t you worry – nobody can see the magic happening.

Bonus points to Heyday for including mobile device charging stations + cuddly blankets in each space. Thoughtful details for the busy guy + gal on the go.

My facial was a 30 minute slice of heaven. Between the gorgeous smells, wonderful feels, blissfully good hand and face massage, and calming music…I truly felt like I had been transported to an alternate wellness universe. In a city where nothing is relaxing, I had found the holy grail of exceptions.

What did the facial include? A deep cleanse, skin analysis (I was a little on the dry side), exfoliation, mask, massage, hydration, eye + lip moisturizer, and SPF. And according to the Heyday website, all products used are free of parabens, sulfates, dyes, artificial fragrances, and other concerning chemical additives. Score.

I literally floated off of the chair in a cloud of relaxation and feel-good bliss. I walked over to the refresh station to grab some water and take a look at the final product. Sure it felt good, but would my skin really look any different?

You know what – I think it did.

Whether it was from the luxe products or the half hour of relaxation, I don’t know, but it was enough to catch my attention.

Consider this newbie converted.

POST FACIAL // I feel like after any type of beauty experience, there’s this awkward dance of product sales pitch vs. “no thanks, don’t need to take that home with me today.”

Rivka did suggest two products to think about adding to my current routine, and introduced two that we can talk about down the road.

The most wonderful thing was that there was zero pushiness in selling the products.When I mentioned I already had equivalents at home, she said, “great! so you’re all set.” Really? No counterstrike? Victory.


Heyday_ A Fitness Shop For Your Face

Full disclosure: I did end up purchasing hyaluronic acid, which sounds scary but is actually a hydrating serum to add before my moisturizer. Never heard of it, but it sounded like a worthy potion to take home. Like I said, my skin is in that critical window of needing some TLC and the more hydration, the better.

The credit card I booked the appointment with was already on file, so I didn’t even have to dig in my purse for my wallet. I just added gratuity, signed my name, and was out the door. Quick. Easy. Efficient.

CONCLUSION // As someone who is not one to splurge on beauty extras (seriously, I just paid $35 for a so-so haircut and am unfazed that it looks as though I did it myself) I’ve decided that this delightfully low key facial shop is worth the occasional indulgence.

Why? Because you only get one body wrapped in one skin. And I sure as heck intend to take care of both. Aside from regular workouts, eating well, keeping hydrated, getting enough sleep, and always wearing SPF, this is just one little extra thing I can add to my wellness check list every so often to keep things in tip top shape and put my best face forward.


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