so i bought a spibelt

I’m a self-proclaimed running purist with a die hard “no do-dads” rule. Give me shoes, shorts and a sports bra and I’m out the door.

But then this little blogventure came around. I found myself suddenly wanting to share with you all the fun things I experience on my runs.

Like seeing this guy, dressed as a neon-yellow chimpmunk with boxing gloves.

Would you believe me if I told you this but presented no evidence? Me either. So I broke down and started to run with my camera phone. Then I realized how much I hate running with things in my hand.

Plan B: stick it in the sports bra till needed. That worked, until I noticed the sweat fogged up the camera and I couldn’t take photos. Fail.

This brings me to last week, when I purchased a small personal items belt (SPIbelt) from my local running store. It looked small and unobtrusive. It fits a phone, keys, and ID. It promised not to bounce. It was black. So I caved.

Here is my honest review after wearing it twice, each time over a tech tee for about 4 – 6 miles: 

  • Worn on the small of your back, it does not bounce. Victory.
  • The waistband has lots of room for adjustment.
  • You’ll need to find a place to wear it that’s comfortable for you. On one run I realized it was constricting some vital organs and became uncomfortable. After shifting it down off of my stomach, I was fine.
  • The pouch easily holds keys, phone, ID and some cash money. It’d work great for energy gels too.
  • Warning: it’s not waterproof. So if you sweat when you run (ahem) put the phone in a plastic bag.

Do you run with do-dads?



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  1. Kendra November 18, 2012 / 12:02 pm

    Or perhaps try my patented PortaPocket…neoprene so moisture and sweat resistant, plus can wear on more parts of the body: thigh, calf, ankle, arm or waist. Also has detachable/interchangeable pockets so you can swap out sizes to suit your daily needs. No plastic parts to dig into the skin. See what I mean if you like at Best wishes! 🙂

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