NYC: Body Conceptions at BellaVita

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via [line] Crash Course: Body Conceptions is a unique combination of cardio dance + pilates + barre, without the awkward tucking and pulsing. Each class focuses on the principles of muscle exhaustion and dynamic movement and… View Post

NYC: POWERED Class at The Movement

The Movement - Powered Class
[line] Crash Course: POWERED class at The Movement fuses strength, conditioning, and functional movement into one 55-minute total-body toning class. Expect a serious focus on proper body positioning and technique while completing various rounds of bodyweight exercises… View Post

NYC: TRX Cardio Mashup at FIT RxN

[line] Crash Course: FIT RxN offers a total body TRX-cardio mashup class that combines high intensity cardio intervals with dynamic strength moves on the TRX. This is a fast-paced class that takes you through a full range… View Post

Row House Full Body Class

Row House NYC
[line] Crash Course: Row House offers three different 50 minute classes: full body, core, and endurance. Each combine low-impact cardio circuits with floor intervals to deliver one scorchtastic workout for any fitness level. Click here for a… View Post

A Look Back at the Crashes of 2013

2013 dc fit crasher review
HAPPY NEW YEAR!  What a fantastically crazy and wonderful year it’s been over here at DC Fit Crasher – thank you for making it happen! There’s been a whole lot of sweating going on and… View Post