DC: Kickin’ It at UFC Gym Kickboxing

UFC Gym Arlington
[line] Crash Course: Taking after parent company Ultimate Fight Club, UFC Gyms provide the perfect atmosphere for honing in on your fighting skills in the sweatiest way possible. The UFC Gym’s hour-long kickboxing class will get… View Post

Feeling the Burn at Lava Barre

[line] Crash Course: Lava Barre is a high-end boutique barre studio located in Clarendon. Their “Lava Burn” class is a 45 minute express version of their signature hour-long Lava Barre class, but with less stretching and quicker… View Post

Rocking the Real Ride at Revolve

[line] Crash Course: Revolve is a spin studio located just a few blocks from the Clarendon metro stop. Their “real ride” class is a traditional 45-minute spin workout, complete with loud music, mirrored walls, and lots… View Post