NYC: CityRow’s Signature Core Focus Class

City Row NYC
[line] Crash Course: CityRow‘s Core Focus class takes the studio’s signature rowing session and infuses it with an extra dose of ab-centric exercises. The one-hour sweat fest takes you through alternating cardio and sculpting intervals on and off of… View Post

Row House Full Body Class

Row House NYC
[line] Crash Course: Row House offers three different 50 minute classes: full body, core, and endurance. Each combine low-impact cardio circuits with floor intervals to deliver one scorchtastic workout for any fitness level. Click here for a… View Post

Work Hard, Play Harder at Throwback Fitness

Throwback Fitness NYC
[line] Crash Course: Re-live the fun and games of recess with Throwback Fitness, a unique workout designed around your favorite school yard pastimes. This small group class focuses on camaraderie, teamwork, and good old-fashioned competitive spirit to power… View Post

A Look Back at the Crashes of 2013

2013 dc fit crasher review
HAPPY NEW YEAR!  What a fantastically crazy and wonderful year it’s been over here at DC Fit Crasher – thank you for making it happen! There’s been a whole lot of sweating going on and… View Post