Testing New Trail Shoes at Pierce Mill

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all are staying warm on this blustery fall day. The leaves are almost all gone from the trees and the trails here in DC are extra crunchy. Seems like the perfect opportunity to take my new trial shoes on a proper run. They’re Solomon XACOMP 7s.

There is an extensive network of running trails all over the city, and it’s easy to zig-zag your way for miles. I elected to stay closer to home and do a four mile loop near Pierce Mill. Most of the┬átrails aren’t very technical and and offer some great scenery.

This particular trail runs along Beach Drive. I wanted to stay on the path to test out my handy-dandy new shoes, but there are many points when you can cross over the creek and run on the road instead. This is a nice option if you start running on the trail and decide it’s just not that kind of day. I also like this route because there are always scores of other runners, dog walkers, and horseback riders. Hello!

I’ve only done a handful of runs since the Baltimore Half and it’s always such a nice surprise how fun running can be when you don’t wear a watch or count the miles. Especially when you can stop and notice the small details along the route.

I rounded the bend and ended at the Pierce Mill. It looks like it took a beating from Sandy. Check out the debris piled up from when the creek overflowed. Yikes!

I also noticed this new sign about a new mobile app that gives information about the mill. Kudos to the Park Service for going so high tech!

Despite the cold weather and gray skies, the run was a great chance to stretch my legs, work up a sweat, and kick off the weekend. And the shoes held up great, even with the quick laces.

I made a smoothie when I came home for some quick nourishment…but my blue fingers tells me smoothie-season is long-gone. Brrr.

Maybe I should just start wearing gloves, instead?

This recipe was a mish-mash of things, but it turned out to be pretty good. I included almond milk, plain greek yogurt, two scoops of pumpkin, whole oats, raw honey, blueberries, cherries, and spinach. I’m looking for some new ideas…what do you put in your smoothies?

Have a great weekend!

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