The Craziest Workouts I’ve Ever Fit Crashed


I loved this “wackiest workouts” post from Brittany at My Own Balance so much. With each item on her list, I laughed in solidarity at all of the weird and wonderful trends the fitness industry cooks up for us each year. Surf workouts in a sandbox? Spin class in a pool? The creativity never ends!

When I tell people I have a fitness blog that publishes class reviews, one of the first questions I get is “tell me about the craziest workout you’ve tried.” Most people already know about barre and yoga, so their interest is piqued by classes that hang out on the fringes of the standard fitness scene. They want to know the extremes. The weird. The oh my goodness that’s actually a thing!?

Like the time I rode a mobile elliptical machine around DC. Yeah, that’s a thing.

So here it is. After three years of fit crashing, I’m proud to present my list of the ten craziest workouts I’ve ever tried. For extra entertainment, be sure to click through to the original posts and read the full story!

edge-strongman-atlas-stone 1. Edge 2.0 Strongman Training // Chances are you’ve flipped through the tv at some point and landed on a channel broadcasting a strongman competition. You know the one: large hulking men pulling semi trucks with their teeth, throwing caveman boulders made of concrete, and carrying tree trunks overhead. Well there’s a gym in DC where those men and women go to train and practice their craft. And they invited me to join them for an hour or two to show me how it’s done. They taped my arms, gave me my very own mini boulder, and welcomed me like family. Was I intimidated at first? Absolutely. Did I love it? You bet.

Thank Dog Bootcamp2. Thank Dog Bootcamp // Also known as the only time I’ve had to borrow someone else’s animal to participate in a workout. This DC and Virginia bootcamp is meant for dogs + owners. The dogs practice disciplinary commands while their humans work on dips, squats, and bicep curls. Great fit crash, fido!

seal-team-pt-jacks3. SEAL Team PT // Waking up at zero dark thirty to join a bunch of strangers for a military-style workout outdoors in November? Yes, that’s a thing. SEAL Team PT meets at a number of different locations year-round for outdoor workouts that include calisthenics, team boat races, and other SEAL related training activities. Rain or shine, snow or heat, these guys get after it (in matching blue uniforms) and have a lot of fun.

AntiGravity AIRbarre NYC4. Antigravity AirBarre // I’ve fit crashed my fair share of barre classes. But never before have I done barre while swinging through the air in an antigravity hammock. This one was definitely a trend I never saw coming – but it was a lot of fun!American Parkour Academy5. Parkour // Running full speed toward a brick wall isn’t really what comes to mind when I think of fitness. But parkour taught me to push aside my fear reflex and give it a try anyway. I learned how to scale walls, tumble off of them, and hang from bars like a kid at recess. In other words, it felt a lot like training to be in a video game. A really sweaty video game.

jordins-paradise-pole6. Stripper Boot Camp // Honestly, I list this one under my “try everything once” rule. Jordan’s Paradise in DC offers a number of fun dance and pole fitness classes, and when I was scrolling through their offerings this one looked too crazy to be real. But take it from me…it’s real. You learn an entire routine complete with booty shakes and pole swings. I felt ridiculous and uncoordinated the entire time, but hey, I said I’d review every workout. So here you go!

Tone House NYC7. Tone House // This one may be a surprise to some because Tone House is now considered a mainstream workout here in NYC. But in my honest fit crasher opinion – there is nothing mainstream about it. I’ve done the Tone House workout twice and each time wondered what on earth I was thinking. It is, hands down, the hardest workout I’ve ever tried. True story: in one class the guy in front of me puked three times during the warmup. The warmup, folks. I rest my case.

true form resistance band training8. True Form // Because strapping yourself into a wearable resistance band belt contraption with special shoes is totally normal. The company that designed this fitness dodad, True Form, invited me to take their invention for a spin at a local public gym. I did burpees, jumps, grapevines, and bicycle crunches while puzzled onlookers wondered about the torture device strapped around my waist. It was a trip!

kinesis-with-mom9. Kenesis // I’ve tried Kenesis twice: once in Florida with my mom and once here in NYC at Technogym. It looks like a crazy futuristic contraption that emerges from the wall and helps smoothly provide resistance and weight training to your movements without restricting you to just up and down or front and back motions. Looks weird, feels awesome!

Overthrow Boxing Club NYC10. Overthrow Boxing + Booze // Boxing in itself isn’t particularly crazy. But I’m including this one on the list because the entire experience was so totally awesome and bizarre – like something out of a strange grunge music video. I had to give my name to a bouncer outside of the studio, navigate down a steep flight of stairs into a candlelit basement with overhead red lights, graffiti on the walls, and take a boxing class from an instructor who moonlights as a male model. As I hissed open my hard-earned cold beer after class, I slowly unwrapped my hands and wondered if the whole thing was a prank. But it’s not – it’s real. And you can try it for yourself here in NYC.

What’s the weirdest workout you’ve ever tried? I have a feeling I’ve only scratched the surface and can’t wait to see what crazy fit crashes the future delivers next. Bring it on!

Meaghan is the creator and editor of The Fit Crasher. A transplant to NYC from Washington, DC, she’s here to give you the skinny on all of her latest sweaty adventures, must-try trends, and fitness discoveries. When not exploring the city in spandex, Meaghan enjoys cooking, bluegrass music, and finding that perfect Instagram filter.


  1. rachaelkester September 25, 2015 / 4:53 pm

    LOVED reading these!! The Kenesis contraption looks extra interesting–I’ll be on the lookout for something similar in LA 🙂

  2. The Original September 25, 2015 / 10:53 pm

    Loved being included in your wackiest workouts – so apropros!

  3. Britt@MyOwnBalance September 29, 2015 / 5:11 pm

    I love this! Oh my gosh, how grossed out were you that some guy puked!? I probably would have left. Haha. I have never heard of a workout with a dog but I kind of think it would be like trying to workout with your baby, except easier if your dog obeys commands. And I can honestly say I’ve never considered anti-gravity barre. What did you do?!

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