NYC  TroupeFit On Demand Personal Training

NYC TroupeFit On Demand Personal Training

Crash Course: The TroupeFit app delivers certified personal trainers to your door with the click of a button. No, really – it’s that easy! Pick a workout type (pilates, yoga, general training), choose a time and location, and get ready to sweat. No equipment needed – trainers bring everything you need for each 45-minute workout.

[line] [left]where: anywhere you want to sweat

bring: water bottle

perks: on-demand personal training that comes to you

sweat score: depends on your requested workout

[/left][right]wear: comfortable athletic wear

instructor: Dee Holliday

class: yoga

cost: $49 per private session, $85 per two-person session [/right][line]

New Yorkers have a special place in their busy hearts for on-demand services. Especially ones that will show up whenever and wherever you want. I’ve heard of everything from in-home hair cuts and manicures, lunch-hour blowouts, makeup artists who arrive within minutes via Uber, and even yoga instructors who will come to your office to pull you out of your cubicle and onto a mat.

TroupeFit is the latest service to secure a place on that “on-demand” list by offering the fit + frenzied folk of Manhattan an ultra convenient way to schedule personal training with no strings attached. No gym membership. No packages to buy. No equipment to invest in. If you have a body and an iPhone, this service is for you.

I had the fun opportunity to get a sneak peek at TroupeFit a few weeks ago and really enjoyed the experience. Since I was deep into the final throes of triathlon training, I didn’t want to add anything too intense into my schedule, so I opted for booking a yoga session. I picked the time (after work) and the place (Central Park), and just like that, I had an al fresco workout waiting for me later in the week.

 I met the lovely Dee in Central Park for a 45-minute one-on-one yoga class. She arrived with all the gear (yoga mat, blocks, straps, mat wipes) so I didn’t have to lug anything with me. I did bring Stik Your Pose sleeves because I tend to slip on yoga mats – they worked like a charm! After setting up in a quiet area under a big old oak tree, Dee asked what type of practice I wanted (gentle, lots of stretching) and she customized the entire thing for me on the spot.

Let’s go over that again (because it’s just that good): a personal yoga session under a swaying tree in the middle of Central Park, full of all of my favorite moves and topped off with hands-on assists? No lugging of yoga mat or getting kicked in the face during Warrior Three pose? And all I had to do was click my iPhone and show up? Heaven.

Dee was fabulous and put together exactly the session I wanted. She corrected my alignment when needed, deepened my stretch when possible, and was an overall delight to work with. Seriously can’t recommend her breath-of-fresh-air personality enough.

I honestly almost asked her if she wanted to grab wine after class and continue our discussion of NYC neighborhoods and what it’s like to be a yoga teacher. She rocked. I left feeling refreshed, restored, and totally tickled over the fact that I just got spoiled rotten with the most convenient workout ever. 

There’s no question that TroupeFit is a great option for busy professionals, busy parents, over-scheduled students, or anyone else who wants the convenience of conjuring up a certified personal trainer at the click of a button. It really can’t get much easier.

Side note: I also think that the private duo class would make a really fun birthday, shower, anniversary, girls night, or date idea. Yoga for two followed by a picnic in the park? Pilates and then off to birthday brunch? Eat your heart out event planners. 

NYC  TroupeFit On Demand Personal Training
NYC TroupeFit On Demand Personal Training

I don’t know how expensive personal training sessions are at big box gyms, but $49 seems like a steal of a deal considering there are zero other fees or obligations. I realize it’s not cheap, but to put it in perspective, it’s basically the price of a Soul Cycle class + post-spin smoothie. And you get the trainer all to yourself, the workout tailored exactly to what you want, and you don’t have to leave your apartment.

Want to check it out but still on the fence?

The Fit Crasher readers can use “TROUPETFC” for 20% off sessions all summer long. Score!

If you do try TroupeFit, make sure to drop me a line or leave a comment and let me know how it went! I’m curious to hear more about the other trainers and workouts available.

Thank you TroupeFit for providing The Fit Crasher with a complimentary preview session in exchange for this review. TroupeFit logo + iPhone screen shot are also courtesy of TroupeFit. Aside from that, all opinions are from my honest to goodness sweaty experience. Thanks for reading!


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