two instructors. 75 minutes. spinning @ sculpt dc

I crashed a fusion spin and yoga class at Sculpt DC back in October. This was right after the studio had opened and things were still settling into place. Because there were a few elements about Sculpt that piqued my interest – including the sweat till you drop cycling workout – I was excited to go back and see how things were going. If you are interested in seeing more photos of their beautiful Chinatown/Metro Center space, check out my original post here.

For my second crash, Sculpt invited me to test out their first-ever double team spin class featuring their “dynamic duo” of instructors, Zac and Gregg. It was 75 minutes of spinning with intervals of weighted arm exercises mixed in. But more importantly, it was 75 minutes of spinning. To help prepare for the occasion, I decided to reach deep into the abyss of my spandex drawer to resurrect these beauties.

I haven’t worn padded bike shorts since my days on the Georgetown triathlon team. And let me tell you, that was ages ago. I’m astonished I held on to these shorts, but I guess somehow I knew I’d need to rely on them for the Gregg and Zach spin bonanza.

Zac led the first class I attended at Sculpt and I knew he was going to deliver a high-energy ride. I had also been hearing positive things about Gregg’s classes, so before I even stepped into the room my expectations were high for the next 75 minutes to be a challenge. Then again, with the crazy disco lights and trapped-in-a-soundsystem noise level, I was also expecting it to be a lot of fun.

Gregg and Zac alternated leading the group and switched off every song. They kept things interesting by incorporating on the bike pushups, freeweights, intervals, and standing climbs. We did something different every few minutes, which really kept me on my toes. If you’re looking for a challenge, this would be it.

As far as the music goes, I thought the playlist was really good, but I realize that’s entirely subjective. I must say, however, it’s hard to go wrong with One Direction remixes and throwbacks like No Scrubs. I was absolutely dripping in sweat, singing my heart out in the back row. Whatever your music taste, you won’t have a problem feeling motivated by the tempo. I was so entertained slash distracted, in fact, that I didn’t look at my watch until 60 minutes had passed.

While 75 minutes of sweaty spinning packed into a loud room with two instructors isn’t everyone’s ideal Friday night activity, I thought it was an awesomely good time.¬†Thanks to Zac and Gregg for hosting the party. I suggest checking Sculpt’s schedule to see when the next double-trouble class will be and plan a girls or guys night out. There are so many bars and restaurants nearby, and they have two beautiful showers at the studio – so you don’t have any excuses for not making the most of it!

Being just a few blocks away, I walked over to 7th street to feast at the new health-food sensation, Protein Bar. Admittedly, I had already tried Protein Bar during a trip to Chicago over the summer, and was instantly smitten. When word started to spread that one would be opening in DC, I couldn’t wait to make my way over and welcome them to the neighborhood. Tonight seemed like the perfect opportunity – although my apologies to the Protein Bar staff for introducing myself in sweat-ridden spandex. Classy.

I was famished and ordered their greenberry juice, a pesto and spinach quinoa bowl, and grabbed some pumpkin walnut chocolate chip protein cookies to go. They were made with protein powder instead of flower – cool, right? They tasted a lot more like bread than cookies, but I’m not complaining. The entire meal was just what I needed to refuel after such a crazy workout. Needless to say, it also sent me straight into a food coma and I ended up “crashing” in bed by 10 p.m. The excitement never ends over at Fit Crasher HQ, my friends!


What would be your ideal Friday night workout?


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