Updates from NYC + Calling All DC Fit Crashers

Updates from NYC + Calling All DC Fit Crashers

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It’s been a little quiet on the blog as I get settled into my new routine here in New York City. For starters, I don’t have the internet set up at my apartment yet. And secondly, I’ve been giving myself much-needed time to land in this great big city, take it all in, and find my footing. Oh yeah, and unpack all of these boxes!

It honestly feels like it’s been months since the grand ordeal of moving out of my long-time DC apartment, driving a U-Haul up the Jersey Turnpike, taking a wrong turn through Times Square, and double parking on a one-way street for two hours while hauling box after box after box into my new home. But in reality, it’s only been ten days. Months. Days. When did those two things become so similar? Funny how time warps sometimes.

I am itching to get going on some serious fit crashing in my new hometown. I’ve already broken-in the saddle at SoulCycle (post coming soon!), checked out the running path along the Central Park reservoir, scoped out some new fitness fashion hot spots, and created a mental map of every juice bar and green smoothie shop within walking distance of my apartment. Which is a lot, by the way, and I can’t wait to try every single one of them.

I’ll be back in the swing of things soon, so stay tuned! Until then, be sure to update your social media and bookmarks with my new info:

Calling all DC fit crashers!

I’ve had lots of questions about whether the DC fit crashing content will continue. So many, in fact, that I’d like to make it happen! But I need your help.

If you are interested in being a contributing blogger, please send an email to fitcrasher@gmail.com and tell me why you’d be the perfect fit. I’m looking for someone who can contribute regularly and consistently.

Updates from NYC + Calling All DC Fit Crashers
Updates from NYC + Calling All DC Fit Crashers

Strong writing, photography, and sweating skills required. The solid sense of humor a plus. Ability to take ridiculous selfies while attempting crazy fitness feats gets you bonus points. Show me what you’ve got and let’s make it happen!

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