How The Body Produces Breast Milk

During pregnancy, the body naturally begins to prepare itself for breast­feeding. In the first few days after birth, a woman’s body produces a fluid called colostrum. This is the first milk that the infant receives. Colostrum is a thick, yellowish substance that is produced just prior to the flow of breast milk. It contains antibodies … Read moreHow The Body Produces Breast Milk

Pregnancy Pillows – How To Use Them

This happiness may follow some challenges for you personally throughout the nine-month period. This occurs when the pain is a little worse during the last few days. It becomes more difficult for one to move around and sleep during the evening. Consequently, you become uncomfortable, irritable and uncomfortable. If you’re trying to find a remedy … Read morePregnancy Pillows – How To Use Them

Asthma During Pregnancy

Asthma is defined as a chronic respiratory disease that affects some 10 million American adults. Asthma is characterized by periods of inflammation or swelling of the airways, increased sensitivity of the airways to a variety of irritants, and obstruction of airflow. Many factors can cause symptoms of asthma to flare up, including allergies, irritants, infections … Read moreAsthma During Pregnancy