5 Myths about Getting Flat Stomach

5 Myths about Getting Flat Stomach

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Who doesn’t want a sexy flat stomach? Well, all of us do. Especially when summer is already here and we are all willing to work for it. Unfortunately, the problem is that lots of people are wasting their efforts just because they have a wrong or half information about getting flat stomach.

Here are 5 common myths you should avoid believing if you are serious about having a flat stomach:

Myth 1: Extra Crunches Leads to a Flat Stomach

The Verdict – Absolutely WRONG!

Extra crunches will NOT lead to tight abs. We all gave ab muscles. These are hidden under a thick layer of fat on the stomach. If you are serious about getting a toned look (one that fashion models flaunt), you must burn the fat layer first. So burning fat should be your agenda.

Myth 2: Go Less on Food

The Verdict – Don’t even try it. This is dangerous!

Most people are under a notion that starving is the best way to lose weight and most importantly to get flat stomach. Starving yourself is simply ineffective and extremely dangerous for your health. Severe calorie reduction will upset your body’s metabolism and slow down results. Eating wholesome meals after short intervals of time is more important.

5 Myths about Getting Flat Stomach

Myth 3: Fat Loss and Gels give Flat Stomach

The Verdict – Do you really believe it?

Well, an advertisement claiming to ‘melt’ that fat through a massage using ‘fat loss’ oils and gels is too hard to resist. There’s no harm in buying these. After all who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing massage? But expecting these products to melt that fat away is not wise. The only role of these products is to soothe you and relieve you of pain after a workout. This goal can be achieved by using any oil you have in your kitchen shelf. Avoid spending hefty amount on oils and gels just because these claim to give you a flat stomach!

Myth 4: Boiled Food will lead to Flat Stomach

The Verdict – The results are worse than you can imagine.

Boiled food is usually recommended for patients. Although there’s no harm in including boiled vegetables, lentils and rice in your diet, they’ll just make you crave for spicy food. And you’ll find it difficult to stay motivated for long.

Myth 5: Avoid Carbohydrates for Tight Abs

The Verdict – Don’t believe this. Carbohydrates are vital for good health.

A lot of confusion and misconceptions have made people think that carbohydrates are bad for health. It is quite unfortunate for those who believe it. It is perfectly ok to eat carbohydrates while slimming down. You should include oatmeal, whole grains and brown rice in your diet. The idea is to stick to wholesome carbs rather than giving up all carbohydrates.

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