5 Ways to Lose Weight Without Moving Your Ass

5 Ways to Lose Weight Without Moving Your Ass

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Losing weight is the most difficult task one can come across in their lifetime. It takes a lot of sweat, efforts, money, pain, and discipline. And speaking of experts, they say – ‘No Pain No Gain’.

But what would you say if someone tells you about a ‘No Pain All Gain’ method? Yes, if you are not the one who likes to power and sweat through a treadmill interval workout or counting calories, there are many simple methods to melt away those unsightly pounds.

5 Ways to Lose Weight Without Moving Your Ass

So, here are 5 very simple ways to lose weight without heading to a gym or following a diet process:

    1. Water as a Starter

You can start each meal with a glass of water. This will help you stay hydrated and feel fuller instantly. This also prevents overeating.

  1. Swaps

This is something you can do to lose weight easily. All you need to do is consider making a few simple swaps at every meal. For instance, you can opt for a vinaigrette dressing over creamier options. Banishing mayonnaise and bringing in the best of low fat option such as extra light olive oil will help. Fresh fruits are better options as compared to the dried ones. This way, you can prepare a full list of simple swaps in your day to day meals to save consumption of calories.

  1. Make Wise Dessert Choices

Desserts are the most irresistible of all cravings. Hence, it is important to know how to control these craving in order to keep weight in control. For instance, if you carve for ice cream, go for frozen yogurt with fruits. This is a yummy yet low fat option. If it is the ras malai or gulab jamun you yearn for after dinner, pick up a piece of dark chocolate. Other options such cookies in the break room, munchies, candies, jellies etc. will take a toll on your body weight. The dark chocolate may not make you feel great quite a few times, but as you make it a habit, you will love to have it. It saves a lot of calories and helps you enjoy a healthier yet decadent treat.

  1. Control Portion

To lose weight, you need to be very conscientious with portion control. Losing weight only comes right with sticking to the right portions at every meal. So this means you need to measure out snacks well instead of eating them right from the bag. You can even make use of smaller plates to trick your mind into thinking smaller portions are more filling and substantial. Thereafter, you need to simply store leftovers straight away to keep any kind of temptations at bay.

    1. Move More

Don’t be surprised. It is right that you the article is all about losing weight without moving ass. However, here, we are talking about burning only a few extra calories by moving a little more throughout the day. For instance, you can take some breaks to walk around the office or take stairs, move to the parking area or walk while you talk over phone. These small steps will take help you to take care of your body weight and up your calorie burn each day.

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