Best Summer Fruits for Pregnant Women

Best Summer Fruits for Pregnant Women

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Summer season is known for a variety of fruits it comes with. Right from delectable mangoes to mouth watering cherries, ripe peaches, and cooling water melons, the season comes with numerous choices. However, pregnant women must take special care prior to actually selecting fruits.

Listed below are best summer fruits for pregnant women:


Apples are known to be the best fruit for pregnant women as they comprise of a huge number of necessary nutrients and vitamins including fiber, malic acid, and tannin. If you don’t want to gain excess weight during pregnancy, apples are the best choice. You must include the fruit in your daily menu. It also helps development of foetus. Other benefits of having apples during pregnancy include relief from constipation, diarrhoea, anaemia, and dehydration.

Dragon Fruit

Although a luxury fruit in India, it is considered very healthy for pregnant women. Dragon fruit is dark green in colour which turns into bright red when ripe. When cut, it comes out a beautiful white with red dots. As per Oriental medicine, dragon fruit is sweet and little sour in taste. It is cool and helps in reducing sputum for pregnant women. The best thing about the fruit is its thick skin which doesn’t allow the effect of pesticides in the eatable part. Hence, pregnant women can comfortably enjoy them without worrying about bad effects of harmful chemical pesticide.


Plum is delicious and comes packed with huge amounts of benefits. It works as a natural coolant and reduces body heat. It also helps you deal with excess humidity during summer. Having plums during summer will decrease thirst in summer. You may also drink plum juice daily during pregnancy. It is a safe food.


Did you know cherries are the richest in iron among all fruits? Yes, they have 20 times higher iron content as compared to apples and oranges? The cherries are also loaded with carotene, and vitamins including vitamin B1, B2, and C. You will also benefit from properties of citric acid and minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. Having this fruit daily in summer will help enhance blood circulation in the body and promote digestive function. Anorexic pregnant women will benefit a lot from cherries. These are also highly beneficial for babies. It helps enhance complexion of unborn baby.


Bananas are healthy. They help you manage a number of aspects of during pregnancy. It is packed with vitamin B6 and potassium.  It is helpful in curing diarrhoea.

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