Denver  Family Fit Crash at Vitruvian Fitness

Denver Family Fit Crash at Vitruvian Fitness

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This should come as no surprise to anyone reading this blog – but there’s nothing I love more about visiting a new city than checking out their local sweat scene.

Denver technically isn’t a new city for me – my brother has lived there since college. But despite traveling there a handful of times over the past few years, I’ve never fit crashed a studio during my stay.

That is, until Thanksgiving 2015, when I kinda sorta convinced my family to kick the food coma and come with me.

Family Fit Crash at Vitruvian Fitness
Family Fit Crash at Vitruvian Fitness

How did I find the place? I wish I could tell you that I had used those years of research to identify the perfect first fit crash.

But the honest truth is that I found our spot by fortune of serendipity. We tried to stop by a few other gyms that morning but they were either (a) closed due to it being the day after Thanksgiving or (b) barre or yoga studios, neither of which my brother was keen on crashing. Fair enough.

Desperate to find sanctuary where we could all break a sweat, we Googled and Googled while driving around town before stumbling upon Vitruvian Fitness. Two factors played into our decision about giving Vitrutivan a go:

  1. They were open.
  2. They had a workout starting in 10 minutes.

Perfect! So we pointed the car in their direction and threw caution to the wind. We didn’t really have any idea what to expect other than it was going to be some sort of circuit workout with weights and other fitness toys. It might be great. It might be terrible. But whatever lay ahead, we made a pact to face it together. Me, The Original Fit Crasher, and my cyclist/ski junkie brother.

We were surprised and impressed by Vitruvian Fitness within the first 30 seconds. It didn’t hurt that the class we intended to sign up for was free of charge that day. Yes, free! Each year Vitruvian Fitness hosts a free 90 minute workout the day after Thanksgiving. It’s truly a come one, come all situation. Parents brought kids, kids brought parents, and everyone was ready to have some sweaty fun.


I won’t go into the nitty gritty of each section of our workout. But I will tell you that it was excellent for the following reasons:

  • The instructor built in time for a dynamic warmup, as well as explanations and demonstrations of each of the exercises we would do that day.
  • The workout used a variety of functional tools and movements, including some of my favorite torture devices: kettlebells, battle ropes, box jumps, rowing machines, TRX, speed ladders, sand bags, and more.
  • The workout was creative and varied. Never did I feel like I was stuck at one station for too long. We were constantly moving, using different muscle groups, and using the equipment in fun and interesting ways.
  • I was pushed to do my best. No more. No less.
  • Variations were provided and encouraged. Everyone had an opportunity to complete each movement to his or her ability.
  • Even in a crowded holiday class, the gym offered plenty of room to spread out and do big movements.
  • There was absolutely zip, zilch, zero judgement from the instructor or the other participants. As total strangers literally walking in off of the street, we were greeted warmly, welcomed immediately, and encouraged throughout the entire workout. I even met more than one person who was willing to laugh with me as I slid right off of the Reebok slide board and onto my bum multiple times.


The studio itself also had a number of things going for it. For instance, it had:

  • An incredible array of equipment and tools to use during workouts
  • A separate spin studio adjacent to the functional training room
  • Abundant natural light
  • Showers
  • Great value: a drop in class is $20, and by purchasing a package you could train for as little as $7 per class


Even my brother, who would rather be on a bike or skiing than in a studio lifting weights, admitted to enjoying the workout and overall experience. That’s a ringing endorsement, in my book!

I had a great time getting to know Vitruvian Fitness, and enjoyed myself even more thanks to having The Original Fit Crasher and my brother there with me. You know what they say…the family that fit crashes together, stays (healthy) together! Well…at least until next Thanksgiving when we stuff ourselves with more pumpkin pie.

If you’re ever near the Denver area, be sure to add Vitruvian Fitness to your list. I had a blast!


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