Three simple exercises for pelvic floor strength

Three simple exercises for pelvic floor strength

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If you haven’t included kegel exercises before, your not alone. Many women overlook the importance of maintaining a strong pelvic floor. As women age and especially after childbirth, the muscles at the bottom of our torso become weak due to gravity, weakness and by the stretching requirements of childbirth. By including kegel exercises, you can offset the risk of embarassing loss of bladder control during exercise, sneezing or coughing.

Add these three simple exercises to your daily routine and offset the risk of decreased bladder control and improve sexual pleasure all while increasing your bodys inner core strength.

First thing to do is, find the specific muscle that we’re referring to. If your not familiar with the pelvic floor muscles, the next time your in the bathroom, try to stop the flow of urine mid-stream. The pelvic floor muscles are what allow the vaginal walls to contract, shuting down the flow. This is how to find your pelvic floor.

Once your familiar with this muscle group, practice when your in the bathroom, shutting down your flow several times. Contract them , hold, then release and repeat.Add this simple little exercise to your daily routine and slowly but surely, they will get stronger.

Kegel Exercise
Kegel Exercise

Now that you’ve found your kegel muscle, perfect it, add in pelvic floor contractions at select times through out your day. When your driving, try squeezeing off ten to twenty contractions at every red light. Or whenever your on the phone and placed on hold, even when your standing at the kitchen sink try another twenty contractions.

Start to familarize the different strength of your squeezes. Begin by a full strength squeeze then slowly release the tightness. Rate your strength ability 1-5.

Practice holding the kegal contraction for different lengths of time. Start with a full squeeze (rate of 5) for 3 seconds then drop the squeeze down to a 3 but hold for 10 seconds. As you become more effeciant at adjusting the strength and times, try using the elevator method.

The Elevator method can be done lying or standing. Begin by focusing on using just the pelvic floor muscles. Do not allow your anal muscles to tighten. Imagine that you are at the basement (muscles most relaxed) and slowly start to climb floors squeezing the vaginal muscles as you ascend. Reach the top floor with a maximal contraction of 10 and slowly count back down relaxing the squeeze bit by bit. Repeat as necessary.

Use your pelvic floor muscles to enhance your abdominal routine for maximal benefits. Improves core strength, decreases urine leakage and improves sexual performance and pleasure.

As your muscles become stronger, you can incorporate the tension into your sexual activities. Try it with your partner during sexual activity and benefits will be for the both of you.

If you’ve been practicing kegels for some time already, why not increase the intensity a little? We know that with any form of exercise, variety is key to continued success.

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