Milwaukee Yoga Ward

Milwaukee Yoga Ward

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milwaukee yoga ward
milwaukee yoga ward

The follow fit crash review is a guest post submitted by a reader. If you would like to publish a review of an awesome studio in your home town, please get in touch!

Crash Course: According to their website, “Yoga Ward is proud to offer some of the most unique and highest quality yoga classes that Milwaukee has to offer. In addition to classes, Yoga Ward also hosts a wide variety of events and workshops. The studio is bright, clean and spacious with exposed cream city brick. [Yoga Ward has] one goal in mind…to provide a non-intimidating and supportive environment for people of all backgrounds and levels to explore mind, body and soul…Whether you are new to yoga, looking for a relaxing class or want the ultimate workout, Yoga Ward has a class for you!

class: Vinyasa Flow

sweat score: 7 out of 10

where: 223 South 2nd St. Suite 2N | Milwaukee, WI

wear: Layers! It warms up quickly but doesn’t get you too sweaty.

bring: water, mat

instructor: Jaimi Patterson

perks: You are in Walkers Point and can cross the street for a post session ale or head down the street for Sunday brunch. If you have a sweet tooth, Purple Door Ice Cream is on the same block.

cost: drop in is $15, lunch time drop in is $10

I found this studio after finding a very unique instructor in Milwaukee. Thanks to Jaimi Patterson, I found a very warm and unique studio in Yoga Ward of Walker’s Point. Jaimi’s style of flowing and working the muscles in different ways was the perfect fix for my overload of weight training and half marathon miles.

Why would this be a great fit crash?

Free parking in the up-and-coming Walker’s Point part of Milwaukee. The studio is spacious with hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, and open ceiling beams.

Location, Location, Location. Staying at the Iron Horse Hotel? In the perfect neighborhood for a weekend class followed by brunch? Need a great end to a run around on the Hank Aaron Trail? Looking for a peaceful start way to end the day at the Harley Davidson Museum? Look no further than Yoga Ward.

If you are not in Walkers Point, you can always take out a Bublr Bike from other parts of downtown and dock it around the corner from the studio.

This studio is located in one of Milwaukee’s up and coming areas just outside of downtown. If you are planning to come to town to take in one of the “FESTS” or to take in one of the cities attractions, this is a good place to start (or end!) your weekend.

Jaimi has a very unique way of cueing her flows and manages to completely work through the major muscle groups by starting slow and building up to a nice fluid practice. She incorporates a variety of techniques to awaken all parts of the body. The music pairings are rotating but perfectly matched with the class. Modifications are always suggested and even encouraged so all skill levels can take any classes.

While it doesn’t fit into my schedule, Yoga Ward offers lunch time express classes on Wednesday and Friday. Rotating special events are added each week, ranging from live music to Yoga Flow 101. View their full class schedule here.

There is space to change if you are coming straight from work. Shelving and a coat cupboard are at the entrance to stash your shoes and down jackets during the chilly Milwaukee winter.


About the author:

David is originally from Pennsylvania. He’s been a lifelong soccer player who now referees to provide interval cardio. David currently lifts 5 days a week at Planet Fitness, since there isn’t a BodyTech in MKE. In order to improve balance and flexibility he attempts to fit a weekly yoga class into the scheduled workouts. He has been in the greater Milwaukee area since the summer of 2015, where Reba and Crosby moved him into their dog-house so they could have daily walks around the subdivision.

A perfect day starts at the gym and includes at least one good meal (not out of his Six Pack fitness cooler bag), meeting new friends, and ends with running up and down a soccer field or a bike ride on the Oak Leaf Trail. Most likely to be wearing Flag Nor Fail gear and Nike Air Structure shoes, if not in knee socks and an officials uniform.


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