Top 10 Fat Burning Foods That Help Women to Lose Weight

Top 10 Fat Burning Foods That Help Women to Lose Weight

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The concept of losing weight is about losing more calories that you consume, and this simply requires eating healthy foods and foods that help to boost body metabolism. This is however not to undermine the importance of exercises as the combination of a healthy eating habit, and healthy foods will support an efficient weight loss program.

Below are some fat burning foods that help women lose weight fast and easy.

Hot Peppers

It has been discovered that eating hot peppers can fasten the metabolism in the body by twenty-five percent for about three hours after their consumption. Peppers like Jalapeno, Cayene, and Habanero will help to boost circulation and metabolism in the body.

Brown Rice and Oatmeal

The benefit of eating brown rice and oatmeal is the speeding up of metabolism due to the slow release of energy that helps to steady insulin levels in the body.


Spices have been discovered to burn as much as a thousand more calories when they used. Garlic, black pepper, and cinnamon should, therefore, be added to your diet plans.

Foods rich in Calcium

Foods that are rich in calcium such have been identified to help you lose as much as twice of the weight you would have lost if you did not consume them.


Broccoli is a popular source of calcium and antioxidants that help in weight reduction.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is also a well-known metabolism booster and a good source of antioxidants.


The benefits of drinking pure water cannot be overemphasized as it helps to convert food into energy and also aids digestion. This helps to fasten the process of burning fat in the body.

Apples and Pears

Fruits are one of the foods that help keep a healthy and fit body but pears and apples have been discovered to be weight loss boosters as they assist in speeding up metabolism.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are known to be rich in Vitamin C, a substance that contributes to reducing high insulin jumps, keeping metabolism high.


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  1. So my friend’s sister ended up losing over 60 pounds in her mid-40’s, and…

    She credits it all to eating this ONE fat-flushing food exactly an hour before bed.

    I know it sounds crazy, but the reason it works so well is because it balances your insulin levels…

    Which is basically a hormone that determines how much fat your body stores.

    The lower your insulin levels the better

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