Lose Belly Fats with Simple Easy Indian Foods

Lose Belly Fats with Simple Easy Indian Foods

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So you been following the mantra of performing 200 -300 crunches a day religiously to lose belly fat? Have you seen results? If no, then you may have realized by now that you should supplement the workout with a special diet regime.

Yes, you’ve heard it right. In order to lose the excess fat accumulating around your stomach you should focus on a strict diet. The best way to do this is to reduce the food you consume outside. Home cooked foods facilitate you to control the actual amount of fatty ingredients being used as well as consumed by you.

First, you need to stock up your refrigerator with low-fat milk, and butter. Make sure you dump all of the
cheese and ghee lying around your home. Here is a list of Indian foods that help you lose belly fat fast:

Vegetarian Indian Food

It is best to stick to vegetarian Indian foods to get flat belly. Vegetarian diet such as saag, mixed vegetables, cottage cheese, mushroom etc. will help you add good amount of fibre to your diet. More fibre will help kick start your metabolism and keep it in better shape. To acquire flat belly, it is important for you to have a healthy metabolism. Green vegetables will kick-start the process of body cleansing.

Mustard Oil/Canola Oil

Strictly avoid using ghee and high-fat oils lying around at home. The best thing to do is switch over to traditional Indian cooking oil such as mustard oil and canola oil. In case, you are really serious about having a flat belly, try cooking food without using a single drop of oil!

High Protein

Focus on high protein food. You can include fish, dal, soya nuggets, chicken etc. in your diet. You can eat steamed rice with boiled dal in meal to reduce your stomach fat. It will also facilitate in filling up your stomach faster than other foods.


Having Lassi for quenching the thirst is a wonderful option. It will satisfying your hunger and keeps your
metabolism happy.


Tandoori (grilled) items will help reducing fat from the belly. You can have tandoori chicken, tandoori fish and tandoori vegetables. Yes, tandoori vegetables taste awesome! Most the Indian vegetables are great for the cardiovascular system. They help in reducing fat and keep the body healthy too.

Indian Spices and Condiments

Indian cuisine contains active ingredients that help lower the occurrence of cancer and most of the cardiac diseases. When opting for bread, it is good to go for tandoori naans.

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