Balanced and on the Ball, Stability Balls

Balanced and on the Ball, Stability Balls

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I’m sure you’ve seen them.
Maybe you’ve read about them.
At the gym, at physio or even in your chiropractors office.

Stability Balls have been in use for over 20 years in rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers. I find they are the most useful pieces of exercise equipment to own.

There is not one exercise or machine that forces our abdominals to function the way a stability ball can.

You can work your abs just by sitting on it!

Many people have lower back problems and this can often be prevented by keeping our abs strong. The back relies on “inner core muscles” to provide stability to the spine and the abs provide stability during movements.

By teaching our spinal muscles to stabilize the spine, we can improve low back strength. If we focus on contracting (or pulling in the belly button) our abs, we keep the spine centered and in neutral then more of the small spinal stabilizer muscles will engage. This forces the abdominals to work at a constant, low intensity workout.

Add a little movement,(small march)we challange our abs even more!

Stability Balls

The brain is also more involved when using a stability ball for your workouts.

We require more focus when on a ball due to the unstability. Our center of balance becomes somewhat challenged and the brain must send more signals to determine where our body is.This is our “Propreoceptive Awareness” which is knowing where our limbs are in space and where our center of balance is. This is a great tool to help improve anyones balance and co-ordination

Seeing as how we spend most of our day in moving positons, teaching our abs and back to support and move us in a more functional way, we will get far better results using a stability ball. Go ahead, increase your balance, core strength and back stability. I strongly recommend a stabilty ball in every program.

The following site by highly recommended stability leader, Paul Chek. He has written numerous books, courses and articles describing the benefits of stability ball training. The products themselves,are superior to any which can be purchased in your local department stores. You can rely on receiving an anti-burst, quality controled and superior customer care.

The Chek Institute has many products that enhance a users stability performance. The ball is used in many facilities worldwide. At your local gyms, Ymca and many corporate facilities. These balls come in various sizes depending on your height.

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