Exercise Plans

Exercise Plans

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How to Create the Best One For You!

Would you like a way to create an exercise plan suited to you and you alone? You know we often hear about “secrets” and then when they are revealed to us they are usually things we already knew or quite frankly they are just common sense. Now don’t get me wrong. They can be very, very valuable and sometimes we need to recognize that these “secrets” are precisely what we need!

For example, right here… right now I am going to give you a “secret” if you want to call it that, which will help you to recognize how you can create the exercise plan that will work best for you.

See if you can find the common sense in it and after thinking about it for a minute or two I’ll bet you will see why this “secret” is so valuable!

One Good Exercise Plan

In my experience I have heard people ask the question “What is the best exercise?”
And the answer is…

best exercise

The one you LIKE the MOST!


Because that is the one you are most likely to do!

Doesn’t that make sense? One might say “common” sense (LOL)
Now you might say, well… one exercise does not make an exercise plan.
And I say, it could and it does for many people.

Of course, people who have a more diversified routine with various exercises that focus on the various muscle groups are going to have a higher level of fitness (more common sense).

For most folks, one exercise would not be enough because although we all want to look good, feel good and be in good shape, we all have different fitness goals. However, for some, one exercise such as walking or jogging for example, performed regularly CAN AND DO provide many of the health benefits we are all looking for.

If you are one of these folks, and you already know what exercise you LIKE or ENJOY the most, then the next thing you need to do is determine how regularly you can schedule that activity into your week.

If your fitness goals are such that a single exercise will not get you where you want to be, then it is time to make a list of your favorite exercises, beginning with the answer to the question above.
Begin by listing your favorite exercise and then your second favorite exercise and so on and so forth until you feel that the list is sufficient. You can always add or subtract later.

The key here is to list the ones you will most enjoy because you are more likely to do them.

Did you know that how often you exercise is the single most important factor in whether you:

  • Reach Your Weight Loss Goals
  • Will be Satisfied with Your Results
  • Will Feel Good about Your Progress

If you dread your workouts you’re more likely to skip, cheat and in time, perhaps abandon the entire plan. Don’t let this happen! If you ever feel that way it’s time to cut back. You’re trying to do too much.

Remember to praise yourself for every little thing. You are not competing against anyone but yourself, and just doing your routine deserves (your) praise.

Implementing a regular exercise plan is praise worthy regardless of the exercises or number of exercises that we perform. When we perform an exercise routine regularly we begin to not only look and feel better… we even sleep better.

When you get right down to it I think we all know that a good exercise plan is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you like to walk, jog, swim, dance, lift weights, use a bowflex or any other piece of exercise equipment, I want to emphasise the importance of frequency. The only exception is if you are a bodybuilder you probably already know not to work the same body parts two days in a row because muscles need time to repair themselves to grow larger.

However, someone who wants to lose weight can walk (almost) daily or do any other aerobic exercise that gets the heart rate up to a fat burning pace.

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