10 Simple Tips and Tricks to get Rid of Lower Belly Fat

10 Simple Tips and Tricks to get Rid of Lower Belly Fat

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Belly fat is known to be one of the most dangerous kinds of fat. This is because it is related to huge varieties of diseases. Excess belly fat is also unsightly and very hard to move. So what should be done to fight off this fat?

Listed below are top 10 useful tips on losing stubborn belly fat:

1.      Keep Bad Calories at Bay

If you are really serious about losing belly fat, you must keep bad calories at bay. This is not difficult. You can easily do this via reducing portion size of bad-calorie foods. Including raw or cooked fresh vegetables in your daily diet is also a must. Say yes to fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Strictly avoid trans-fats, sugar, and empty carbohydrates. These get stored as fat in the midsection.

2. Hunger or Food Craving?

In order to get rid of lower belly fat, you must understand the difference between being hungry and simply craving to eat something. If you are not hungry enough to eat fruit or vegetables, then you are probably not hungry at all. Craving for a specific food means you miss the taste. The idea is to understand and realise hunger pangs.

3. Added Sugars

As per some recent studies and research, sugar is the main offender in the obesity outbreak. So make sure, you read food labels before a purchase. Hidden sugars in your beverages, cereals, breads, cooking sauces, etc. can add to your fat. Don’t buy low fat foods. If you have a sweet tooth, go for dark chocolate or flavoured frozen yogurt.

4. NO Chemical Food Additives

You may not know but there are many chemical food additives that impact negatively on your metabolism. This prevents you from losing weight. Hence, you need to avoid ‘low fat’ foods. These are packed with sugar and many nasty chemicals!

5. Beat Stress

Stress leads to extra belly fat. Since stress is also a major cause of emotional or comfort eating, it results in overall weight gain. Excess stress makes you eat even when you are not hungry. Hence, it is crucial to keep stress at bay always. Simply remove stress-provoking individuals and elements from your life. De-stressing programs such as yoga or medication are also a good way to keep stress at bay.

6. Water is the Key to Good Health

To remove belly fat effectively, it is important that you stay hydrated. This will help you maintain normal functions of your body. Drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Also drink a glass of water half-an-hour prior to each meal.

7. Aerobic Exercise

Cardiovascular exercises will help in burn calories and even accelerate your body metabolism. Hence, it is very important that you should have at least thirty minutes of aerobic exercise five days a week. You may go for brisk walking, jogging, hiking, biking, or swimming to maintain a healthy weight.

8. Avoid Skipping Meals

Skipping meals is dangerous. It can make weight loss harder because the practice slows down body metabolism. Eating healthy is the best way to lose weight fast. Eat small portions through the day. It works better than 3 large portions.

9. No Abdominal Exercises!

You need to keep away from exercises that target your abdomen for now. Crunches are an absolute no-no. These are helpful only in toning up mid-section. To make these exercises effective, you must lose fat first.

10. Monitor your Progress Regularly

This is very important. Losing weight on your own is extremely difficult. Hence, it is a must to keep a track of your progress on a regular basis. Keep a food journal. Also measure your body weight regularly.

Following the above mentioned tips will help you lose lower belly fat fast. Good Luck!

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