5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

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So you have been doing everything to lose weight! Right from skipping meals to exercising, giving up on fried stuff and indulging in breathing exercises, you are making dedicated efforts towards losing weight but failed.

Well, it is not because there is something amiss or you haven’t been making adequate efforts. So why is it that you aren’t losing weight?

This is simply because there are some problems and situations that usually stop people from getting desired results. Here are some strong reasons you haven’t been losing weight despite all efforts:

  1. You Invite the Burnt Calories Back

When you workout, the body burns extra calories. No wonder exercise makes for a crucial weight loss factor. Unfortunately, a lot of people take this as an advantage and tend to eat a lot. After all, they have an excuse, ‘I worked out’. But the experts call this overindulgence as the biggest mistake by weight watchers. The combination of food temptation and an excuse of having worked out well is dangerous. In short, inviting in the calories you’ve lost will not be of any use. Exercise is only helpful when you burn calories without taking it back.

  1. ONLY Exercise is your Weight Losing Mantra

Of course, exercise will help you lose weight. But exercise Yes, exercising ALONE is if zero value. This is because exercise burns calories in small amounts. To be precise, 1 hour of intense workout session will make you burn only 400-500 calories. And most of us eat hundreds or thousands of calories in some minutes! Hence, it is crucial to make changes in your diet regime before expecting some solid weight loss results. A healthy combination of diet and exercise will help you lose weight effectively.

  1. You are Dieting Excessively

Severe dieting and unhealthy eating will make you gain weight and invite a couple of health problems instead of losing weight. So if you have been skipping a meal or two or eating only ‘low fat’ packaged meals, it isn’t possible to lose weight. Excess dieting (crash diets) will show results for a few days but make you gain in excess. This is owing to uncontrollable craving that you face later.

  1. Wrong Type of Exercise

Exercising will make you lose weight but wrong type of exercise won’t. So if you are exercising but not losing weight, you are doing the wrong kinds of exercise. Strength training, weight training, cardio, aerobics, pilates, Zoomba, Tabata, etc. are some of the common types of exercises recommended for weight loss.

But when it comes to burning calories, only cardio does the best job. Strength training too is important. However, it is not exactly a calorie burner. Hence, if you rely exclusively on strength training as your weight-loss policy, it could boomerang. The best exercise plan will always focus on cardio for calorie burning and combine it with strength training to preserve lean muscle.

  1. Irregular

Being inconsistent with weight loss efforts will not take you anywhere. So when you are struggling to lose those last 5-7 kilos. Make sure you eat right and exercise as consistently as possible. This is the only way you can lose weight fast and more effectively.

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