Valeo Medicine Ball Review

Valeo Medicine Ball Review

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Doing the same exercises day in and day out can get boring, and so it’s important to inject some variety into your workout program. Medicine balls can be incorporated into many fitness programs to make them more challenging and interesting. The Valeo Medicine Ball can give your training program a boost by improving your strength, coordination, balance, and endurance.

The Valeo Medicine Ball

The medicine ball is not to be confused with an exercise ball or fitness ball. Unlike the large, inflatable fitness ball, the medicine ball is weighted and is roughly the size of a basketball. The Valeo medicine ball’s surface is textured, making it easier to grasp and grip during your workout. Made of durable rubber, the medicine ball can bounce on hard surfaces to add an extra challenge to your workout. The weight of the medicine ball is evenly distributed throughout the entire ball for better performance.

Product Features

  • Sturdy rubber construction
  • Textured surface provides a non-slip grip
  • Durable rubber surface allows the ball to bounce off hard surfaces
  • Available in different weights
  • Comes with an exercise wall chart
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced athletes

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Quality Product

Valeo is well-known for their quality products, including their popular medicine ball. The ball is constructed of a sturdy rubber material with a textured surface that allows users to get a good grip on it. This is essential when performing many of the exercises that use a medicine ball. The ball’s ability to bounce when thrown against a hard surface adds an extra dimension to your workout. Not only that, medicine balls can be fun especially when you work out with a buddy.

Valeo Medicine Ball Review

Medicine Ball: Weights Available

The Valeo medicine ball is available in several weights and sizes. Choosing the weight depends on several factors: your fitness level, type of skill, and types of exercises to be performed with the ball. A lot of people like to buy more than one medicine ball. They may buy a pair of the same weight, or several balls of different weights. It’s a fun and exciting way to get in shape with your family and friends.

The available sizes or weights are: 4 lbs, 6 lbs, 8 lbs, 10 lbs, and 12 lbs. Valeo medicine balls come in different colors depending on the size. The medicine balls come in purple, green, red, blue and yellow.

Exercise Chart and Accessories

You won’t be at a loss when it come to medicine ball exercises because the Valeo package includes an instructional chart of different exercises. The chart is designed to be hung on a wall for easy reference. That way, you’ll be able to fully utilize your medicine ball. You can also come up with your own exercise ideas, or search around for more medicine ball workouts.

The ball also comes with an air pump needle so you can pump in some air in case the medicine ball deflates after prolonged use.

Affordable Price

Fitness gear does not have to be expensive to be effective, and the Valeo medicine ball is proof of this. Depending on the size, the price ranges from less than $20 to about $45. Medicine balls are a lot cheaper than many exercise machines that cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. They do not need electricity or batteries. They’re great for indoor and outdoor use.

Benefits of Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are primarily used to develop the core muscles or the muscles in your abs, back, hips, and butt. Medicine ball exercises also help improve your balance, coordination, and explosive power.

If you have a training partner, you can pass the ball back and forth between the two of you. By using different ways of passing the ball, you will be able to exercise different muscle groups.

Boxers and athletes training in martial arts can have the ball dropped on their abdomen as part of their conditioning. This simulates being punched by an adversary. When used in a variety of exercises, medicine balls can help develop the muscles in the upper and lower body.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Exercises can be fun
  • Affordable price
  • Helps develop the core muscles
  • Comes in a variety of weights


  • Bad rubber smell when new
  • Some people want a heavier ball

What Customers Say

Reviews for the Valeo Medicine Ball are mostly positive and customers at the Amazon site are happy to give it a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. Many owners of the medicine ball are all praises for the durable material, textured non-slip surface, and even weight distribution of the ball. The medicine balls also come in a variety of weights to suit different skill and fitness levels.

The Valeo medicine ball is ideal for exercises that develop the core muscles but it can be used for other exercises as well. Several customers say it is perfect for the P90X2 workouts.

Complaints are practically non-existent, except for a few customers who reported that the medicine ball has a strong rubber smell when new.

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