Pregnancy Bathing Rules Every Woman Must Follow

Pregnancy Bathing Rules Every Woman Must Follow

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Since a lot of care and precautions goes into pregnancy, there are some rules to be followed during pregnancy. It is crucial for pregnant women to pay special attention to the following things while bathing:

  • Temperature of bath water
  • Time for bathing
  • When to avoid bathing

Listed below are some important rules to follow while bathing:

Rule 1: No Hot Bath during Pregnancy

This is something pregnant women should keep in mind. Hence, you must strictly avoid entering sauna rooms or bathe in very hot water. This can be extremely harmful for the health of foetus. A healthy gestation period is where women do not experience vagina bleeding or amniotic fluid leak. Hot water bath can lead to these problems and affect overall health of foetus.

Rule 2: Warm Bath

You can spend some time in warm bathtub. This is highly beneficial and an amazing way to relax your body. It helps you get rid of fatigue and helps you sleep sound.

Rule 3: Right Time to Bathe

You must choose the right time to bathe. The body during pregnancy becomes sensitive. Hence, bathing just about any time during a day such as right after waking or late at night can be disturbing. Pregnant women should choose the most suitable moment during the day for this ritual. For instance, after a few hours of relaxing in the morning or in the evening after returning from work are appropriate. Strictly avoid forcing bath upon yourself.

Rule 4: No Bath when Pressure Drops

Strictly avoid bathing when your blood pressure drops or you feel tired. Bathing tends to expand blood vessels causing hindrance in flow of blood to mother’s brain and inadequate supply of nutrition to the baby. This affects the health of mother and baby.

Rule 5: No Bath Post Meal

It is not recommenced to bathe after eating especially when you’re full. Bathing at this time will expand blood vessels inside mother’s body and reduce blood circulation. The little amount of blood provided to the abdominal cavity is not enough for the digestive system to function properly. This affects process of digestion. This ultimately results in sudden hypoglycemia. So strictly avoid taking bath after meal even if you feel hot and muggy. Give yourself some time and your body will return to normal.

Rule 6: Bath Water Temperature

When preparing bath water, you must run cold water first and then run the hot water into the bathtub. Make sure that the temperature of bath water is 36 degree C. You may use the bath thermometer to check the temperature of the water. Another way is to test it with your elbow or arms. These areas on skin are the most sensitive. Also make sure you keep bath water warm, not too hot.

Rule 7: Drink while You Bathe

Keep a bottle of drinking water next to the bathtub. If you plan to have a long bath, make sure you sip in some water at regular intervals to avoid the risk of dehydration.

Rule 8: Couple Bath

Usually, couples tend to refrain from sexual activities during this period. Taking a bath together will clear away stress and strengthen the bond of love. You may also ask your husband to give light massage to your neck, back and legs while bathing.

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