Pregnancy Induced Vaginal Itching – Ways to Deal with the Itch

Pregnancy Induced Vaginal Itching – Ways to Deal with the Itch

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Vaginal itching is known to be a very common condition caused by the changes of vagina and surrounding areas during pregnancy. This may be irritating because scratching repeatedly can result in long term skin problems.

Prior to treating vaginal itching, it is important to focus on things that cause itching. Listed below are some of the major ones during pregnancy:


Skin stretches too much during the last months of pregnancy. This leads to itching and rashes in some areas of the body. Pregnant women mostly suffer from itching at the groin, vulva areas and various other areas of the body such as legs, abdomen, breasts, thighs, arms, and buttock.

Transformation in Body

Increasing transformation and blood vessels in the skin during pregnancy leads to skin irritation and perspiration. The skin becomes more sensitive to hot weather, rough clothes, etc. It may even develop certain skin conditions that cause itching at groin and vulva areas.

Excess Sweating

Some women suffer from excessive sweat during pregnancy. This results in heat rash at groin and vulva skin areas and ultimately the itch!

pH Levels

Pregnancy brings in certain changes in pH levels of vulva and vaginal areas. These areas get excessively alkaline and get infected easily. The infection and changes in pH levels leads to vaginal itching.


Some women suffer from folliculitis during pregnancy especially during the 4th to 9th months. This leads to itching at hairy areas near genital organs.


Development of haemorrhoids during pregnancy causes itching at region around anus.

Treatment for Vaginal Itching during Pregnancy

Don’t Scratch!

First and foremost, you must avoid scratch or rubbing the area strongly. Vagina is a sensitive area. It is also highly vulnerable to graze and infection.

Keep Vaginal Area Clean

Strictly avoid bathing in excessively hot water. Use soaps specially designed to clean genital areas. Also avoid cleaning vagina too deep. Try clean the vagina with green tea water or betel leaves water (obtained after cleaning and boiling leaves). The leaves are effective in preventing bacteria. Green tea acts as an effective antiseptic and can deodorize the smell of leucorrhoea.

Dress Appropriately

It is important to wear loose cotton clothes including underwear. Strictly avoid wear tight clothes. Also avoid going outside in hot weather as far as possible. Make sure your body does not sweat a lot. Wearing wet clothes, especially underwear is a strict no-no.

Take Care of your Diet

Diet plays an important role in curbing and curing vaginal itching during pregnancy. You should eat more olive oil and food rich in vitamin A during pregnancy including fish-liver oil, green leafy vegetables, liver, and eggs. Also make sure you get a lot of vitamin D from your diet such as sea fish, fish-liver oil, dairy products etc. Drink about 8 glasses of water daily.

Care with Creams

Use moisturizer for body to soothe certain areas. Soften your dry skin with natural oilssuch as castor oil (no Hexane), aloe vera gel, and olive oil. You may evenapply cream or lotion containing zinc oxide to get relief from the itch.

Word of Caution

In case, you are unable to get relief from practicing the above listed remedies, consult a doctor. Also for severe itches, allow your doctor to prescribe some medications and appropriate treatment methods

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