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Crash Course:  Peloton Cycling is the latest spin studio to pop up in DC, making it the sixth in the area to hop on the sweaty indoor biking trend. The studio steers away from the posh party-on-a-bike, soul searching, cult-like atmosphere found at other locations and sticks to the basics: challenging, fun, and traditional spin classes. But don’t mistake traditional for boring. The music is great, the instructors are energetic and knowledgable, and the workout is killer. Visit Peloton’s website for a full list of class options and times.  [line] [left]where: 2217 14th Street NW/U Street Metro

bring: towel, water bottle

perks: posh lounge area, close to metro

sweat score: 8 out of 10 [/left][right]wear: spandex or close-fitting shorts, bike shoes optional

instructor: Misook

cost: drop-in class is $20, first class is free [/right] [line]


The thing that intrigued me most about Peloton was this blurb on their website: 

We are rebelling against the typical modern cycling studio with a nostalgic turn of the 20th century motif. Absent from Peloton Cycling is the stark palate of the modern; present is the old world charm of honest competition.  We focus on character – not reputation.  With this focus, we are committed to building a healthy and active community in DC.

Rebelling? Nostalgia? Charm? Oh my! After crashing every spin studio in the metro area, I had a very clear idea of what this studio was trying to rebel against. There are a few indoor cycling locations where the atmosphere is part dance-party, part rave, part self-empowerment session. This is not that studio.


So what is Peloton all about and what makes it different? After going to their “breakaway” class the other week, here’s what I took away: 

  • The students seemed to be a mix of cyclists and non-cyclists.
  • The class cues were built around meeting target RPM (rotations per minute) vs. levels. For example, you’ll be asked to get your cadence clock between 80 – 90 instead of being asked to “find a level 6.” To me, this was awesome and gave students a more concrete idea of exertion levels.
  • The music is great, but you won’t leave with ringing ears.
  • The atmosphere is casual and spacious. You won’t be assigned a bike and you won’t feel like you’re getting sprinkled in someone else’s sweat.
  • The session is built around real ride experiences, including hill climbs, time trials, flat open roads, and pace lines.
  • Riders can use bike shoes or street shoes.
  • Another thing that sets Peloton apart? I have never been to a spin studio that charged for towels. Spin = sweat, so it goes without saying you’ll need one. If you forget, you can rent towels at the studio for $1.


Peloton is located just a few blocks from the U Street metro and next door to Crossfit Praxis. I didn’t see a sign hanging outside the building for Peloton, so you kind of have to know it’s there to find it. It’s good you’re reading this!


On the night I went to class, I got a bit lost trying to find my way. For those who haven’t been, you need to walk into the entrance for Crossfit Praxis and make a hard right to find the door to Peloton.


It’s not entirely intuitive, but look lost enough and the kind folks at crossfit will help point you in the right direction. When you walk in, you’ll find yourself in a very swanky reception area. There were plush leather chairs (leather+sweat don’t mix…but I digress), a large glass table sitting on a cowhide rug, wooden fans in the studio, and the bathroom looked like it was right out of Restoration Hardware. I loved the little details they put into giving the space a very nostalgic feel.




One thing worth mentioning: the fact that Crossfit Praxis is next door means there is a constant sound of boom, thud, and clash resonating throughout the studio when crossfit classes are in session. It’s incredibly disconcerting to be using the restroom and have everything start to shake as if the place is being shelled from some invisible enemy army. Ahem. It’s also annoying to try and have a discussion or calmly put your things into a locker when it sounds like there’s a war on (or one heck of a bowling match). Thankfully, you can’t hear or feel anything during the class itself. It’s very possible this experience was unique to my visit. But it was so overwhelming that I had to share. For those of you that have been, did you find this to be the case?

Bottom line – despite being brand-spaking new to the DC scene, Peloton is a quality studio that you should put on your radar if you’re looking for an excellent sweat. I had an incredible workout, and I look forward to going back for the “all rounder” full body ride I’ve heard so many great things about.

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  1. Colleen March 25, 2013 / 8:15 am

    Great job! As a spin instructor I also prefer measuring effort in RPM as opposed to exertion scale. Most clubs don’t have RPM counters on the bikes, so that’s cool to know this place does!

    • mary @ minutes per mile March 26, 2013 / 6:28 pm

      I go to Praxis and have been curious about their cycling studio. Thanks for checking it out for me!

      • DC Fit Crasher March 26, 2013 / 11:30 pm

        You’re welcome! We should swap reviews, I haven’t been to Praxis yet. Would love to hear how you like it!

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