sunday yoga and feeding a cold


I woke up on Sunday morning feeling as thought the fog had lifted a bit. After days upon days of being sick, I finally remembered what it was like to breathe through both nostrils. More importantly – my appetite came roaring back. Just in time, in fact, to carry me through a pre-yoga brunch date with my good friend Allison. We were both recovering from the same flu bug, and both in desperate need of hot coffee, conversation, and nourishment. So we walked over to Open City early Sunday morning to do just that.


Allison is a vegan and always inspires me to look at brunch menus differently. While I typically go for egg dishes, today I followed her lead and opted for the vegan scramble – a mixture of tofu, chick peas, broccoli, and tahini with a heaping side of sweet potatoes. It was the perfect savory kickstart to my day and gave the the fuel I needed to try my first workout in six days. Because it’s low impact and low intensity, I opted to try the 75-minute vinyasa flow class at Stroga. So, with stoic determination to banish the flu bug, I strapped my trusty yoga mat to a big, clunky bike share bike and pedaled my way to Adams Morgan.


I haven’t been back to Stroga since falling in love with their budokon class last month, so this visit was long overdue. A point of honesty here: doing yoga on cold medicine is not the best decision I’ve ever made. Going back to yesterday’s post, sometimes it’s best to stay away from the gym until your body is fully recovered. My nasal passages were still swollen enough to make every down dog and headstand torturous, and my balance was completely off kilter. Twists ached. Basic poses were making me break a sweat. In other words, I was a hot mess. But despite the odds stacked against me, the gentle, non-competitive flow really did wonders to lift my spirits. Eva Burns taught a beautiful, calming class. And there’s something about practicing in that cavernous ballroom, high above the hustle and bustle of 18th and Columbia, that just gets me every time.

Feeling re-energized from successfully making it through yoga, I moseyed over to Tryst to grab a coffee and snack with my friend Mike. Somehow, one coffee turned into a smorgasbord of ridiculous proportions. We wanted one thing, and the next, and then maybe a little of that other thing on page three. When the waiter came to take our order, we decided to embrace our indecision by ordering one of everything. So here is round one: kale and apple smoothie, nachos, and chai tea.


Round two for me included their take on a classic PB&J: warm grilled french bread, peanut butter, chunks of strawberry jam, and banana. It was absolutely divine. Probably overkill after the big breakfast and the nachos…but sometimes you just have to “feed a cold,” right?


After all that stretching and all of that eating, it was time to find the nearest bike station and roll myself home. Literally. What a Sunday!


After a few days off, what is your favorite workout to get back into the swing of things?


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